What Makes Your Man Want More?

In today’s time, men and women rarely stay in committed relationships. Casually dating, or having fun, seems to be the answer. But for the ones that do go steady or date, we all can agree that the honeymoon stage can go as fast as it comes. What can women do to keep the spark and honeymoon stage alive while the boyfriend or husband keeps it up?

The first thing to always remember is that if the man genuinely loves or adores you, return the feeling! Women come across cold and impassioned at times. Men are interested in women they’re attracted to. Taking pride in our appearance and how we carry ourselves keeps men tentative and makes feel good themselves.

It’s important that women stay trustworthy. Over time, all couples have disagreements and debates. Things lead to negative reactions and actions have this consequences. Needless to say, trusting the truth and showing an ugly side is not only unattractive and a turn off, but if you were very trustworthy in the beginning, chances are negative actions could put this characteristic in jeopardy as well as your relationship. Who wants to spend their time and life with a liar?

Having a sense of humor is a characteristic that can keep a man consistently into you. A women that rarely smiles, doesn’t get along with others and has an attitude is going to compliment a man very well. A man that loves to have a good time and tell jokes loves a women that loves to laugh and tell jokes as well.

Men love and are turned on by women that are sophisticated professionally, takes care of themselves personally and fulfills their man’s appetite sexually. Men love women that can separate time and places. There’s a time and place to be extra flirty, loud, patient and understanding. Women who lose themselves or get beside themselves and act out of order lose men’s interested because they believe this behavior is ok. If these wasn’t you in the beginning, don’t let it become you. If this was you in the beginning, but you chose to not let your other half know, it goes right back to you not being trustworthy. As a result, it either the female shapes up or the relationship will soon end.

Independent women are a very big turn on for men. Men are attracted to women who make their own money, has their priorities in check and can stand their own ground. Man aren’t too happy or turned on by ones who “dry beg” or always request for help — unless you both are married. If you met him and you were able to manage your life, stay consistent in doing so even after be becomes a part of your life.

Last but not least, always remember you complete who you are. Your companion only compliments you.

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