What Shall We Grow?

Planting seeds in the ground is fun and all, but you can spice up those little planted seeds with these great little garden ideas. Kids will love to add their own imaginations to these two special garden projects.

Moss Garden

Use an old pie tin, takeout container lid or even an old frisbee to create a beautiful moss garden. Fill the bottom of the container with a thin layer of dirt and add some rocks for dimension. Dig up some moss from your backyard or nearby stream and create your own little moss garden. We pulled some crab grass from our yard and tied the blades together with a rubber band to make it look like a tree. Little Miss Polly Pocket lounged in her moss garden with her best friend.

Green-haired monsters

What you need:

Old sock
Rubber band
Grass seed
Straight pins

What to do:

Stretch the sock over the opening of a mug. Add two large spoonfuls of grass seed and then fill the sock with soil. Tie the sock closed with the rubber band and trim off any excess sock. Shape the sock being careful that the grass seed is on the top of the head. Add buttons for the eyes and nose and hold them in place with the straight pins. Keep the sock moist and give your little monster plenty of sunlight. Your green-haired monster will grow hair that you can trim when his hair gets too long.

Happy gardening!

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