What to Avoid when Living with a Man

You are either romantically involved with a man or you are rooming with a man. Either way, you might like to know some dos and don’ts of living with a man. Men are simple creatures. They require very little to keep them happy. As long as you are filling their basic requirements, they are quite satisfied.

Separate the girls and the guys. Do not treat your guy as you would treat your girlfriends. Take all of your drama, emotional expression and chaotic ups and downs to the girls and avoid exhibiting them around your man. When you have solid, tangible problems which you would like to have fixed, those are issues that a guy enjoys dealing with.

Avoid jealousy. This includes on the inside. Develop a spirit of warmth and giving and hospitality, whether or not your guy is a roommate or your boyfriend. Welcome and include all girls who enter the house or who associate with him. Men are naturally faithful creatures and it takes a lot for them to cheat. In the meantime, they would just like everyone to get along, so make sure you fulfill your part and avoid all opinionated discussions or emotional disturbance of any kind with regard to their other females.

Clean up after yourself.Even if you are just living with a male roommate and they insist that they don’t care about mess, they do. Their lives would be simpler and easier if their homes were clean, but they just don’t care enough about it to do it or know enough about it to streamline the process. Understand that you may be the only one cleaning up after yourself and do not feel obligated to pick up after others. Separate your stuff from their stuff if you have to avoid nagging them. Never nag.

Pay your bills on time.Girls are known for taking advantage of a financial situation in their favor and overextending their male partners. This is simply because guys are more lenient toward girls when it comes to financial matters. Earn their respect by not being lenient on yourself. Hold yourself accountable for all of your financial matters, pay on time, be generous, and do not lend money unless you are willing to give it as a gift. In that case, give it as a gift rather than putting pressure on your relationship or friendship with them.

Men are simple creatures. They require acceptance, respect and fair treatment. If you give them what they need, they are more than happy to give you everything you want.

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