What to Do on a First Date

First dates are quite nerve-racking. Here are some tips that may answer your most sought after questions.

Do shake hands when you meet.
Although this isn’t a job interview, you don’t want to bombard your date and go in for a hug. Keep it simple because most people are more comfortable with a handshake than a complete 5-step greeting. Unless your palms are sweating profusely. In that case, a hug may suffice.

Don’t kill the hand that shakes you.
Nothing’s worst than getting every single bone in your hand crushed from a brutal handshake. Men-a firm handshake is good but if you’re going to shake a lady’s hand, loosen your grip a bit. Ladies-don’t offer a limp hand. Let him know that your hands are ready to take on this first date.

Do smile.
First dates can turn out awkward but nothing clears up the tense ambiance in the room better than a smile. Smiling can make your date feel extremely more comfortable and relaxed. That will allow him/her to show you their genuine personality. Smiling also makes yourself feel good and therefore you can feel free to be yourself. Click for more about smiling.

Don’t ask about previous dates.
Being present is one of the biggest things you must do on a first date. Make sure your date knows you’re here to get to know him/her, not to dig into their past relationships. Focus. Be present!

Do ask an adequate amount of appropriate questions.
In conversation, stay away from the generic “So the weather’s nice……”. You’re on the date to get to know the other person, so go on and ask them some questions! But the thing to remember here is to ask an adequate amount of questions. Don’t pick up an AK-47 and start shooting them with questions. Allow them to answer and possibly even ask you a question back. And be sure to ask appropriate questions! See above Don’t.

Don’t be cocky.

There’s nothing worse than a date who tries to flaunt what he/she’s got. Sure you may make $175,000 a year or live in the estates of Beverly Hills, but do you really want to turn your date into a gold digger? The things you want your date to know may breed them into something you end up not wanting to date. Be careful what you say and don’t make yourself an exhibition.

Do split the check.
It’s your first date, not your 10 year anniversary. Split the check. There’s nothing worse than going home after a horrible first date and kicking yourself in the behind for paying for the whole dinner. Make things fair, split the check.

Always be yourself.
Don’t allow your date to fall for your pseudo-self. Be who you are.

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