What Will Become of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Beyond Season 8?

“Greys Anatomy” has been on hiatus for a while now. It will be returning shortly, but how will that affect its ratings? Will the time out sit well with viewers? We know that there will be a new episode with Meredith dreaming of what could have been if her mother had never died and she was healthy once again. Would Dr. Webber still be having an affair with her? She also will be dreaming about what could have happened if Derek stayed married to Addison. This story twist alone is enough to keep viewers going.

However, the issue is what else will go on to bring the viewers back and keep them coming? The show is getting older; it is into its 8th season. Many shows do not pass this point before they lose favor with the public. What will it take to keep the show alive and kicking? Of course everyone will have an opinion on what should happen with the show, starting with the size of the cast. The first season had nine main characters, and now the cast has grown to 14 in Season 8. Are all these characters really necessary?

Cameo appearances are great and can add a little excitement in a certain episode to bring the viewers in. The writers will have license to have these actors do whatever they want. Whereas if the characters are main characters, there is just so much you can do to them. For example, how much misery and misfortune can a couple such as Meredith and Derek take?

It is no wonder Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey were doubting whether they would be signing a new contract this time around. Shonda Rhimes thought about this. She said the remaining members from the original cast would continue in this season. There are no guarantees that they will be in any others.

“Grey’s Anatomy” is renowned for its reflection of real life, but there comes a point when too much drama in one family gives the show a soap-opera quality. Real life situations is what makes “Grey’s Anatomy” such a powerful medical drama. We don’t want to take away from that.

Perhaps reducing the cast and adding longer story lines might be the way to keep the show going. After all how many real life dramatic situations resolve themselves in just one week?

“How ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Can Get Its Groove Back After the Hiatus”

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