What Will We Do if NBA Lockout Continues?

COMMENTARY | Labor negotiations between the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) have been progressing slowly, if at all. Since they announced on Oct. 10 that the first two weeks of the season are canceled, fans like me are starting to wonder if there will be a NBA season at all. If not, how will you deal with the NBA lockout? What will you do with the time you usually reserve for watching the latest game? I have some ideas!

Brush up on football

After a similar lockout experience earlier this year, The NFL regular season is well under way and already in Week 6. Without professional basketball, the NFL seems like a perfect choice to obtain your competitive sports fix. It is a good thing I already have the NFL Sunday ticket! I suggest finding a new team to cheer for, and seeing them all the way to the Super Bowl!

College basketball

With college basketball starting soon, NBA fans can always turn there. I have never been much for watching college sports myself, but it might be interesting to find out who our next talent is. Midnight Madness is this Friday.

Gloat over World Series win

Even though my San Francisco Giants did not make the cut this year, I will be watching the big game. The World Series will begin on Oct. 19, with the last game set for Oct 27. This is just days before the regular NBA season is supposed to begin. The triumph of your chosen team winning might get you through the first canceled week of the NBA season.

Things not sports related

Well, if all else fails, we can focus our energies on other activities besides sports. Without a basketball team to root for, I just might spend my time catching up on reading, writing more articles, spending time with my kids, and perhaps pick up a hobby. Movie-watching sounds like a good, reliable hobby. I doubt the movie theater business will go into lockout anytime soon!

These are some things I would do if the NBA lockout continues past the cancelled first two weeks of the season. What will you do?

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