What You Need to Know About Low Testosterone Levels and Your Sex Life

The main fact every man needs to know is that their testosterone level is that it will begin to lower as he ages. In fact, once a man reaches the age of thirty it will start to become lower and continue to lower as he continues to ages. This is just a fact of life.

However, other factors will cause his testosterone level to lower even more. These factors include:

Injury Infection Loss of testicles Treatment For Cancers Genetic abnormalities Having Too Much Iron In the Blood Inflammatory Diseases Chronic Illness Certain Medications (especially ones used to treat prostate cancer) Stress Having too much fact around the stomach Drinking too much alcohol

The Symptoms that can indication that a man may have a low testosterone level may include:

Lowering of muscle mass A noticeable difference in amount of fat Mild anemia Fragile bones Decrease body hair Loss of sex drive Erectile dysfunction Depression Difficulty in concentrating

How is testosterone level tested?

If a man is worried about his testosterone level, he simply goes to a doctor and asked to have his level tested. This is a simple blood test. Since levels do vary, this blood test may have to be taken a few times and the doctor may prefer to do this in the morning, when testosterone levels are usually their highest.

What can be done if the levels are low?

Yes, there are treatments to raise these levels back to where they need to be and they are usually pretty easy ones. They include:

Testosterone injections Testosterone patch that can be worn A testosterone gel Testosterone pills A testosterone stick that is applied like deodorant

Do not be embarrassed if you are noticing any of the above symptoms. They can be a part of the aging process and they can be treated.

Don’t allow low testosterone levels to interrupt or interfere with the quality of your sex life. Take control of your levels today, with your physician’s help.



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