When and How to Clean Dryer Vents

If you know how to clean dryer vents, you can not only increase safety in your home but also boost the efficiency of your dryer. Drying time – as well as the danger of your dryer overheating – increases if the dryer vents become filled with lint or other small pieces of fabric so knowing how to clean dryer vents will save you both time and money.

The obvious question is when and how to clean dryer vents. A vent that hasn’t been cleaned for more than a year will definitely need cleaning. You can often tell it needs cleaning because your dryer is running for longer than usual. , you may need to clean the dryer vent. Short and straight dryer vents are easy to clean but other types require special tools and equipment. The cleaning of these should only really be attempted by a technician from a company that specialises in such repairs.

As well as the question of when and how to clean dryer vents, you may be asking yourself why you need to clean them. In short, cleaning dryer vents will protect your homes from smoke, pollutants and even a fire as well as making sure your dryer runs efficiently and dries clothes faster.

It is important to know how to clean dryer vents precisely before attempting this job as a mistake could prove both dangerous and expensive. Some common errors include using a duct booster with bendy vents, fitting flammable, foil duct or plastic extenders rather than the proper metal ones, which will resist crushing and allows lint and air to be carried out of the dryer’s system, and not leaving enough clearance space between the wall and the dryer. A lot of people put their dryer next to a wall. This blocks the vents, reduces airflow and leads to the build-up of lint. The safety switch that prevents high temperatures inside the dryer will also turn on and off continuously and eventually fail.

To clean your dryer’s vents, unplug and pull it out about two feet, loosen the vent clamp on the back with a screwdriver and pull out any lint build-up.

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