When Should You Get Your Child a Cellphone?

When is it the best time to get your child a cellphone? This is a question that many parents ponder, before making a decision. This article will provide some suggestions to help the parent make the decision.

Age; Age doesn’t have anything to do with making the decision to purchase your child a cellphone.

Reasons; As a parent, ask yourself this question. Why do I want my child to have a cellphone? Usually, there is a specific need. If a parent or grandparent needs to maintain contact with the child for various reasons, it might be time to buy them one. Many times, the reason outweighs the logical consideration. It is a decision that a parent should take seriously.

Maturity; When a child is ready to use a cellphone, they will exhibit maturity in handling one in a responsible manner. A child should know what limitations are imposed by their parents. There needs to be limits on minutes, texting and times when to use the cellphone. A parent should follow up on how the child is using the cellphone.

School Expectations; Many schools will not allow cellphones into their building. Some will collect them at the door. Private schools might even teach children how to properly use them. Every school is different. Parents should know what schools expect, when it comes to cellphones.

Expenses; It is a good idea to start a child on a very inexpensive phone. An old used phone is a good idea. Children lose things. Lost cellphones are very common for adults. So one would think that it would be higher for children. A Go phone has very little aps on it. You can have the minutes set on it for your child. This can save on a parents budget. A parent can budget money on the phone as well as time.

Basics; A child first beginning cellphone use needs to be taught the basics. They should be able to identify special numbers. They also need to know how to properly contact a parent, guardian or grandparent. This means practice. A child has to be able to use their finger tips to dial a number properly. It is a responsibility that parents need to pass on to their children.

Cellphone use by a child is inevitable. The parent is still responsible for properly teaching their child how to use it. In the long run, a cellphone can be very useful for a child. A child can learn responsibility, which could apply to other areas of their life.

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