When Spending More Was Worth It

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Shopping for our daughter’s crib was the first major financial decision my husband and I made as parents to be. Babies probably spend more time in their cribs than anywhere else and while comfort is important, safety is essential. That was one thing we did not want to compromise on. This meant that old, hand me down cribs were not an option.

Shopping for the perfect crib was a daunting task at first with the wide array of styles and finishes to choose from. There was also a significant range in price points between the low and high-end models. Crib prices range from $130 to more than $3,000 for custom models. According to Consumer Reports, economy cribs cost $100-$150; mid-priced cribs, $150-$450; and high-end ones, $450 and up.

As first time parents and overwhelmed with the economics of a new baby, my husband and I found an adequate mid-priced crib for $200. It didn’t have any of the bells and whistles of the higher end cribs but it was sturdy and met all safety standards. We figured we would save on the crib now and buy a nice furniture set for our daughter in a few years. This was until I fell in love with a beautiful European inspired high-end crib.

We ended up paying $600 for the crib, which was three times the amount we intended. This purchase, for us, was definitely worth it. The crib was certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association, which means it was tested for quality and safety. The durability of this crib was built to last and its elegant style compliments the décor in the rest of our house.

The versatility of the crib really won us over in that it is able to grow and change as our daughter grows. It converts from a crib to a toddler bed, to a daybed and finally to a full sized bed. We easily looked at 50-plus cribs and while this function was duplicated in the mid-priced cribs, the designs and quality were not matched. For instance, our crib is made of solid hard wood not wood veneer. It also includes a waterproof sealed coating for protection.

My husband and I felt a sense of pride when we purchased our daughter’s crib. With the amount of time she will spend in it, we viewed our purchase as a long-term investment. We valued craftsmanship over price. With its classic design and conversion capabilities, we are confident it is a piece that will grow with our daughter into adulthood.

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