When to Create Your Vacation Packing Checklist

One of the most important items to have while you are packing for a trip is a vacation packing checklist. As someone who travels for business and fun multiple times a year, I have learned when the best time is to make one of these lists to ensure it is complete. How many times have you forgotten to place items on your packing list?

When Most People Create

People will either create their vacation packing checklist the night before packing or a few hours before packing. During this time, families are also working on answering children’s questions about the trip. Business people are trying to tie up loose ends before the trip. We all find ourselves verifying our itineraries. Due to the extra distractions of life, we find things getting in the way of clear thought. Important items get missed and have to be purchased on the trip.

The Template

I have created a checklist template on my computer that automatically includes all of the basics I need on every vacation no matter where it is. My list includes my various toiletries, medications, portable electronics like my camera and tablet, batteries and the everyday types of clothing I might need (like underwear, socks and shoes). There are blank lines included to add specific types of clothing I might need due to weather or special events.

When I Fill it Out

I will print up my vacation packing list and fill it out a week before my trip. I will find a quiet time to fill out the empty lines with the clothing I want to bring and any other important items. In the time between when I create the checklist and my trip, I have time to ensure the clothes I want to take are washed or dry cleaned. It also gives me time to purchase and extra batteries or other incidentals I might need.

How This Saves Money

How many times have you found yourself having to purchase incidentals like snacks, batteries or gum at the airport or hotel? These items are much more expensive to purchase while you are on vacation since retailers and hotel managers realize these items are often forgotten about in the rush to get out the door. By ensuring these items are on your vacation packing checklist early, you can also ensure they are purchased before you leave on your vacation. The money saved might be enough for a nice meal for your family.

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