Where Do Princes Go After They Are Turned into Toads?

With distinguished disdain, the once prince, tried his webbed feet out. Although it was far from fun, he was prepared to face this situation. He marched to the toad sized cell phone he had released from his hanker chief before the witch had turned him into an amphibian. He called the ‘Prince in Distress Hotline’. Not surprisingly, no one answered. He articulately croaked as loud as he could.

A frogess, similar to those had heard about, stood in front of him. He gave her the royal handshake and she took him to the Frog Kingdom. He looked at the sad toads that sulked at the king’s feet and decided that his children would never see that fate. There, he gave his name and signed a decree of reciprocation. Before he died he would find a fairy to turn the frogess into a princess. If he did not follow through with this, he risked leaving his posterity into the hands of unforgiving frogs.

This meant he would not be able to marry his long-time girlfriend because she would recognize his rapid maturity. Yet, he already had a plan. He took out the address of her striking cousin who had a pet fairy. The frogess dropped him off at that address. As he saw the finger of the frogess glow, he turned his back on her and saw his shadow raise to the figure of a man. He dropped the tiny cell phone and heard her pick it up. He would answer when she called.

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