Where it Never Snows

Looking out the window
All I see is blinding snow
Cold, dull, white misery
Everything reminds me of the past
Good times and bad in history
Reminding me, it wasn’t meant to last

In the cold, white, and foggy haze
I see a shining hope; a chance for better days
Every good man must do the right he knows
I feel the aching in my heart as it grows
Yet from here I see the place it never snows

In the storm I try to shield my ears from howling winds
I am deafened by cries of anger, and calls of pain
Discouraged I often wonder if all I did was vain
But then my eyes turn upward
The joy it comes and goes
But then I see the place it never snows

My eyes are often dry and weary
Heavy with bags beneath them
They squint against the blinding white
The vile blizzard falls upon me
I am forced upon my stronger knee
Heavy-laden with my pain and sorrows
But then I breathe my last and it shines on me
I see the place it never snows…

Take me away my lord, my father
Do not leave me wondering why I bother
Take me to the place it never snows

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