Where to Find Cheap & Good Thai Food in NYC

Thai has become the new Chinese. On almost every corner, you can find a Thai restaurant and be sure another one is going to crop up real soon. Why is that? Because it’s good! I find it to be lighter than Chinese and more flavorful. But one of the main reasons, it’s cheap. Where can you grab some on the cheap? Viang Ping.

Viang Ping is one of my go to spots in Gramercy (210 East 23rd St). I’ll either hit it on my way home, order in and grab a friend and dine there. What I love about them is that they’re friendly, consistent, quick and good. Their decor is nothing fancy but isn’t that part of the charm?

Yes, you can order the usual Pad Thai but there are so many more options. Some of my favorites are Steamed Thai Dumplings, Curry Puffs, Satay, Basile Fried Rice and Pad See Lew (rice noodles with meat, Chinese broccoli in a soy sauce). Fresh veggies, light but flavorful sauces and just plain tasty.

They feature lunch specials in the $7 range that include soup or salad. Their dinner entrees are large enough to share or take home a doggy bag.

If you’re in Gramercy and looking for good Thai, visit Viang Ping.

Happiness, $25 and under.

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