Where to Volunteer in Lexington, Ky

Lexington, Ky., is a great city for volunteering. Numerous local non-profit organizations and care facilities always need extra help throughout the year.

God’s Pantry is a local food bank that provides nonperishable food items to less fortunate area residents. A member of the Feeding America network, God’s Pantry strives to create a hunger-free America.

Volunteers can donate money or food to the bank, sort the donations that come in, help with mailing distributions or take referrals of people who exhibit need for food assistance.

The facility is very accommodating, so interested volunteers can help out individually with these and other tasks, or bring in groups of people to perform a larger-scale project. I’ve done both, and I love the feeling of accomplishment after emptying an entire donation bin after sorting, no matter how many extra hands I have helping me out that day.

God’s Pantry is located at 1685 Jaggie Fox Way, and those interested in volunteering can call (859) 288-5324 or e-mail [email protected] during business hours to set up a session.

The Florence Crittenton Home is a live-in treatment program that gives pregnant and young mothers the resources and skills to provide for their children and work toward independence. The program teaches the girls how to practice self-control and maintain a safe environment for their families, away from potential abuse and neglect. The girls in its care work toward completing their high school education as part of their treatment.

While in college, several of my friends from my campus ministry would visit the “Flo Crit girls” and their babies every Friday night, providing companionship and relief for the residents. Consistently, both parties have had positive feedback from their experiences.

Florence Crittenton’s address is 519 West 4th Street, and to contact the home to coordinate a visit, volunteers may call (859) 252-8636 or e-mail [email protected].

The Lexington Humane Society is a local animal shelter that works to educate the community about responsible pet ownership. The facility relies on volunteers to perform any and all duties associated with caring for the animals at LHS, including walking the dogs, helping with adoptions and coordinating special events.

Lexington Humane Society is a frequent guest at the news station where I work, showcasing some of the animals in its care on our 12:30 segment. They are always asking for viewers to consider pet adoption, but volunteers are encouraged to contact the shelter, as well. Volunteers who are ages 14-17 can help maintain the shelter’s grounds, and those who are 18 and older may go through an interview and orientation to place them at a venue that best matches their skills and goals.

To contact the Lexington Humane Society for volunteer opportunities, email [email protected] or call (859) 233-0044 ext. 223. The facility is located at 1600 Old Frankfort Pike.

Lexington has a host of other opportunities available, but these are some prominent examples of how interested volunteers can help out the community. Check out God’s Pantry, Florence Crittendon or the Lexington Humane Society today!

God’s Pantry Food Bank
Florence Crittendon Home
Lexington Humane Society

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