Where Will the Gosselins Go Next?

With Kate Gosselin’s show just coming to an end, many are wondering what will be next for her and her brood of 8 children. She has openly stated that she is worried that she is now a single “unemployed” mother of 8, but it’s a bit hard to sympathize with a woman who made $250,000 per episode. This season alone they had 17 episodes, which comes out to a whopping $4,250,000. Over $4 million in just one year for doing nothing but having a camera in your face! Although they have gotten raises as the seasons went along, were talking about 7 seasons (with 6 separate specials) of being paid just to be on TV. This isn’t including her book sales, “Dancing With The Stars” salary, paid interviews and appearances, and not to mention all of the free stuff this family has gotten over the years. I’m not saying they didn’t deserve the free diapers and help in the beginning, because they definitely did, but I can’t help but have little sympathy for someone who gets multiple free vacations around the world each year when she makes this much money.

She’s complaining that the kids are worried they won’t get any more lavish trips to Australia or Hawaii. I’m sorry, but I never got any of those as a child (or now) and I turned out just fine. My parents would have our family of 7 pile into a van and spend over 14 hours driving to Florida or Wisconsin. I wonder if her kids are really that worried or if she is and she just got it in their heads to be worried?

I had to hold back my vomit as I watched her scream at her friends who helped her on their recent RV trip. I understand how stressful it is to be around lots of young children, but basically calling your friends worthless and referring to them as “paid help” is disgusting. She went white-water rafting and whined about how their guide better make sure she didn’t get wet. Then when her guide had to take them through a semi-rough area, she freaked out on him. I didn’t know people went rafting with the expectation they wouldn’t get wet. Apparently it’s also the end of the world that her daughter handed the body guard a piece of pizza with her bare hand, instead of wrapping it in foil. I thought vacations were supposed to be a time where you just had fun and didn’t worry about to much, but I guess not with Kate.

No offense to the family, but as long as Kate hasn’t been blowing the money on her wardrobe, beauty appointments, and other “necessities” for herself, and has been budgeting and saving like a responsible parent would, they should be just fine. There is also the dreaded option of getting a job! While yes, she has 8 kids, she also has nannies. There are families with that many kids or more (who aren’t on TV) where the parents have jobs. No, she won’t be making what she makes being on TV, but anything is better than sitting at home complaining you have no income. She says it’s unrealistic to expect her to go back to a normal job, but I don’t get why. She has nannies to watch the kids and it’s not impossible to live off of a normal salary, even with a large family.

The reality is Kate probably won’t be off TV for long. She’s lying to the world if she’s really trying to convince us that she truly believes there is a chance that there won’t be some type of TV show, or other publicity way to make money. It was easy to sympathize with the mother of 8 newborns who depended on her husbands income, but it’s not so easy anymore.

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