Why Casey Anthony Won–The Family that Lies Together, Wins Together

A well practiced family of liars, each better at deceit than the other. That’s the Anthony family, and that’s how this astounding verdict has been snatched from the hands of justice.

Mother attempted to take the rap for internet searches–and was caught flat footed in a lie by co-workers who vouched for her presence at work, not home the day the notorious chloroform and neck-breaking searches were made on the home pc. (where’s the perjury charge?)

Father refuted a number of facts and testimony, including his denial of having alluded to an “accident that snowballed out of control,” according to his alleged friend/lover. Can there be any doubt that father, a former cop, advised and conspired in the hiding of their grandchild’s remains?

It’s very easy to lie under oath–replay the tapes. And a family like this will score all the points they need, bending truth at a whim to accomplish the desired ends, which was, obvious acquittal of more serious charges.

Not that the jury was to blame, nor the US legal system including defense and prosecution. They were simply outmatched by the coordinated redefining of paradigm by the Anthony’s.

America’s next great reality show, perhaps–no, it’s already in reruns, in truth.

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