Why I Love to Read: Books Transport Me Around the World

While growing up in the 50s and 60s, my family was so poor, we would miss a few meals a week. As I look back, I find it difficult to comprehend how we survived. The community that I lived in was very caring. They would share with others in times of need.

The fact that I was poor did not prevent me from traveling all over the world. Anytime I had a need to get away and just relax, I would. Sometimes, I would travel to more than one notable place during the course of a day.

One of my favorite places to travel was Washington, DC. There, I was able to understand how our system of government works. Compared to other places that I had previously visited, Washington was the most interesting.

I was especially enthralled with the Washington Monument. That tall building over-looking the seat of our government, reminded me how lucky I was to live in this great country. Although we have problems, our overall objectives are to honor and protect. During a time of crisis, we have always had the ability to come together.

Visiting Washington, I was able to learn how laws are passed, and how our currency is made, etc. Sadly, but respectfully, I was also able to visit the resting places of some of our fallen heroes who made the ultimate suffices in defense our country. No manner of words can express the appreciation I felt toward my fellow Americans. I will be forever grateful to them.

After leaving Washington, I trekked over to Egypt, where I visited some of the pyramids. For some unexplainable reason, I never wanted to spend too much time there. It could be because scary tales about mummies coming to life.

Earlier, I said my family was poor. Given this fact, you may wonder how I was able to travel around the world. The answer to that is very simple, via books. My older brother was very instrumental in teaching me how to escape the unpleasant rigors of everyday life.

He taught me, even if one is down, one can safely venture into another world and be content. When I finally learned how to read independently, I forgot how poor I really was. The world around me was so exciting, and every opportunity I had, I would venture to some other place.







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