Why I Quit My Job for Life

I was in a secure, life-long government job that everyone I knew was envious of. I had solid retirement benefits, a salary I couldn’t really complain about and a great government benefits package. On paper I had it all. In reality, I hated every single moment of my 15 years in the civil service. For years, I had looked for an out, but the benefits of the job outweighed the fright of change, especially with the changing economy. With my third pregnancy, the time for change had arrived.

I had returned to my job after my first two children were born. When I was expecting my third, returning to work was a given. Throughout the pregnancy, the idea of taking the new life of my son to be the time for myself to be reborn grew. Being a working parent is expensive. Daycare costs would eat up my salary, let alone all the other expenses that go along with being a working adult and working parent. After much number crunching, it just was not adding up. I was not going to be making enough to spend that much time away from my children. Some corners would have to be cut at home, but we could make it work on one income.

My son was born in October. One windy day in November I gathered up all my courage and made it official. I quit my secure, life-long job. It was terrifying to take the path unknown. I was so nervous about the whole thing, I could only email my decision to my boss. She was gracious and understanding. She offered to take me back at any point, which made me feel good about the quality of my work.

Quitting my job for life was extremely freeing. I love that I can take the kids to school and be at home when they get home. I am home to help with homework and go on field trips. Quitting my job was the best thing I ever did.

Financially, it has been far easier than I had imagined. We eat out a whole lot less because I have the time to make meals. I don’t need a cleaning lady because I am home and can throw in laundry any time I feel like it. Also, I have been able to tend to my own health better. That has made a tremendous difference in the quality of not only my own life, but the life of my family.

I suspect that there will come a time where I will want to re-enter the work force. Having this time home has made me realized that what I was doing was not the career for me. I look forward to the time when my kids are a bit older and I can try new things. I plan on going back to school and changing careers but, in the meantime, I am having a whole lot of fun with my young family.

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