Why You Should Vote Ron Paul for 2012

It is the responsibility of every registered voter to cast a vote for president. Those of you who do not vote, skip out on the responsibility. When you do, you have no right to complain about what you are left with as government changes. Most politicians, in my opinion, do not take the votes seriously. If they did, then they would accomplish what they said they would while running for their position.

In the vast sea of politicians running for President in 2012, one stands out in the pack from the rest. Ron Paul is the only one that has shown by example his ability to follow through with exactly what he says. If you look at his track record, when he runs saying that he will vote a specific way during an election, he votes that way when the issue arises. If the fact that he is honest with the people when running for office isn’t enough to convince you that he is the man for the presidential chair, then read on.

If you are interested in fixing the economy that we as Americans find ourselves in, Ron Paul again is your man. Ron Paul wants to cut spending, not just cut future spending programs. He recognizes that you can’t just place a band-aid over the open wound the is our economic system today. Some real changes need to be done. Raising taxes isn’t going to fix the economy and either is spending more money.

Speaking of taxes, Ron Paul wants to do away with the IRS. One of the most expensive and confusing parts of our government system today is the IRS. Most of the tax dollars collected from the American people are funneled directly into the IRS to pay for the what it’s costing us to mess up the economic collection books. Instead of a broken and confusing system to fund the few necessary government programs, Ron Paul would instead have a national sales tax.

If you feel that the war in the Middle East is costing us way too much, then you are in agreement with Ron Paul. He feels that our affairs need to be here in the United States and that we need to stay out of conflicts overseas unless it directly affects us. This is another way that Ron Paul has decided to fix our economy.

If privacy and freedom are your hot points, Ron Paul is still your man. He believes that government is for the people and wants to make government as small as possible. He would follow the Constitution of the United States, making it the official voice of our country. He believes in the privacy of his fellow Americans and the freedom that we deserve as human beings.

Ron Paul

Why Ron Paul Should be the President of the United States in 2012

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