“Wicked” Rides Its Broom into Atlanta Straight from Broadway at the Fabulous Fox Theater September 14th-October 9th

This is the enchanting story (a different take) on the witches of Oz. The beloved childhood fairytale that we all know and love. Don’t miss the show stopping performance of Wicked as it rides its broom right to the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta. Broadway is knocking will you open the door?

Do you often look at things from a different perspective then most people? Are you a conspiracy theorist like myself? Then you will love “Wicked” a different take on the witches of Oz. Dee Roscioli stars as Elphaba the Wicked Witch of the West and give a show stopping performance. She has had the privilege of playing the role more than any other actress both on Broadway, in the traveling show, sold out in Chicago and San Francisco. Her voice is heartwarming and her range could shatter a glass. This is the story of the Land of Oz before Dorothy and Toto. It is a love story, a story of friendship, a story of courage. You will also be mesmerized by Galinda the sparkly popular Good Witch played by Amanda Jane Cooper http://www.AmandaJaneCooper.com. Her enthusiasm will delight you and place a spell on your imagination. This play is suitable for your older children but probably not the little ones.

The Emerald City is magical and a place straight from your dreams as a child. The musical last about three hours but keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. When Broadway knocks at your door in Atlanta….don’t let the experience pass you by. Tickets are still available.

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