Wilderness Survival Guide 101

Wilderness survival guide 101

Mother Nature can be beautiful and yet cruel within a split second. You must prepare yourself for anything that could happen. She can turn around and show her “evil” side whenever she pleases. Are you a big nature buff, who enjoys the outdoors? You must be prepared for the unpredictable. Outside elements are much harsher than indoors.

There are things you need to know before wandering into the wilderness alone.

Basic needs. The basic needs mean a variety of things. A compass and a canteen of water is a need all should have while visiting any nature sights. Water will keep you hydrated on hot days. Basic needs also wearing breathable and comfortable shoes, if at all possible.

State of mind. The state of your mind is a very important aspect to keep in mind at all times while you are in the wilderness. Panicking will not help you at all if something goes wrong in the wilderness. A clear mind will be your best companion. Your mind can play tricks on you if it isn’t clear and focused on the tasks at hand.

Basic Knowledge. The basic knowledge to know is how to build a fire, and to pitch a tent. A fire will keep you warm, if the temperature drops and you are lost in the woods. A tent will keep you warm and safe from some of Mother Nature’s little pests. Basic knowledge also includes knowing what type of animals live in the area you are in. You wouldn’t want to come across a dangerous animal and not know how to handle the situation.

You must signal for help if you are in need. A flare or two or even a flashlight makes a great a device for signaling for help. Waving your arms with the flares or flashlight creates a homemade signaling device.

In the wilderness you should always be aware of your surroundings. Mother Nature can bite you in the butt when you are least excepting her too. Do not underestimate how the wilderness can be. The beautiful scenes are great to enjoy. Those who are often found in the wilderness alone do not have the proper knowledge of survival. Do not hesitate to ask or signal for help.

People need to be aware of their surroundings. They need to be prepared. This is usually the case, unprepared without the proper needs and knowledge. Be prepared.

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