Will Batista Return to the WWE Now that the WWE Has Sort of Ditched the PG ERA?

In June 2011, Dave Batista announced on Twitter that he hates WWE’s current PG Era, and said that he was boycotting the PG Era. Many believe that the Pg Era and WWE’s grueling schedule are the sole reasons why Dave Batista left (the WWE) and hasn’t returned since. Howvever, Batista did say that he intends to return to the WWE someday.

If you can recall, the WWE had less than stellar storylines on both shows in June 2011. John Cena and R-Truth were in a rivalry that quickly became boring. The rivalry was very PG and the little jimmies were much involved. At Capital Punishment, John Cena retained the WWE title because a kid splashed soda on R-Truth.

On Smackdown in June 2011, Randy Orton and Christian had a decent rivalry with incredible matches. Christian had just become a heel at the time as well. Other than that, the other stories on Smackdown were lackluster and were definitely “PG.” Ezekiel Jackson had just became the IC Champion and he had become somewhat of a fan-favorite among the kids. If that isn’t PG,tell me what is PG. Zeke may be powerful, but his face character is very PG.

Since Batista made those comments on hating the PG era in June 2011, WWE’s storylines has increased the attitude on both shows. On June 27, 2011, CM Punk did the epic shoot promo that was not appropriate for kids. All of CM Punk’s promos since the shoot promo have been “Non PG.” CM Punk has made sexual references about Triple H’s wife and that sure as hell is not PG.

Remember when Vince McMahon called CM Punk a “SOB” during the contract negotiations on Raw. John Cena has frequently used the word a** during his promos. John Cena recently told Alberto Del Rio that he was gonna kick his a##. Since the Punk promo, Raw definitely seems to have much more attitude than we’ve expected.

As for Smackdown, Randy Orton has displayed much more hostility and has used said the word “a**” during his promos. Mark Henry has become enraged and has destroyed everything in his path. You can say the destruction Mark Henry has caused has not been “PG.” Mark Henry used the steel cage door to ram Big Show through a steel cage. Henry also used steelchairs to injure The Big Show and Kane, very un-PG like if you ask me.

In addition, Smackdown GM Teddy Long is now in this new storyline with the new WWE Diva known as Aksana (former NXT rookie). The storyline is basically Aksana trying to use her sex appeal and indirect sexual advances towards Teddy Long. It reminds me of all the previous diva storylines in the Attitude Era.

No, I’m not saying that the WWE is displaying more attitudes in the storylines just to persuade Batista to return to the WWE. WWE’s ratings were slipping and WWE had to make the change to save and draw more fans to their product. Believe me, Dave is taking note of all of these things. The more the WWE pushes the enevlope with these border line PG storylines, he will eventually return to the ring for one last run.

Since the WWE has approached the storylines with an attitude like approach, faith has been restored to many fans (ratings have also increased). What I’m basically saying is, as long the WWE continues down this road, (with some attitude in their storylines) perhaps Batista will return to the WWE sooner than later.

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