Wine Bottle Wedding Candle

People design buildings, they design clothing, and they design many other things, including wine bottles. Those responsible for designing wine bottles often have fascinating skills. Have you ever had a bottle of wine and noticed that the bottle was exquisite? You hate to throw it away, don’t you? Instead of tossing it in the trash turn it into a gorgeous candle for your wedding reception. In fact, make more than one and light up the place with candles atop lovely-looking wine bottles.

Wine bottles, and even liquor bottles, make lovely candles and you can create them quickly. Don’t place the cork back into the empty bottle and, if the wine bottle has a cap, simply remove it. The wine or liquor bottles can match for conformity or can be mismatched for a slightly different look.

Decide on the design you want for the wine bottle candle. Select a small tea light or votive as the actual candle and then design a base for it. Look around at a hardware store and you’ll find plenty of choices for a round or square metal piece which can be used as the flat base that will go between the bottle and the candle. Use spray paint on it to give it a prettier look for the wedding.

Besides a metal piece you can also use any number of other bases for the candle. Some of these include a flat, wooden shape or even a painted plate from a doll set. When using a base of metal or ceramics a candle holder is optional, but with any other type of material, set a candle holder on the base.

There are other things you can do to the base to make it even more elegant. Glue beads around the perimeter, glitter it, glue a velvet ribbon around the edges, or even glue on gathered lace to create a skirt for the top of the bottle.

To assemble the candle all you have to do is glue the base to the mouth of the bottle. Hot glue works fine to hold a simple piece of metal on the flat bottle top. Set the candle on top of the base – or in container – and the arrangement is finished.

The wine bottle candles look beautiful when you gather them in the center of a table to make a centerpiece. Or, set them here and there, across the table, to accent and create ambiance. Set the wine bottle candles on a mantle or other areas, too. They’re stunning and they take just minutes to make.

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