Winter Farm Fresh Food in Atlanta

If anything should be fresh in Atlanta it should be the eggs and the chickens. We are the poultry capital of the world. My husband likes the more expensive eggs at the grocery with the Omega 3’s added but the organic farmed eggs right near our home are just as good. The University of Georgia and Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College have long been known in the south as a place to study agriculture. We have hybrid fruit and vegetables experts’ right at home. Why buy food from Peru, Mexico or Guatemala?

Do you ever worry about pesticides, chemicals and now radiation in your food? Buying local and knowing where and who grew your food may be the answer that is right for you. Atlanta farmers and business owners make it easy for you to go organic. Here is how; Whole Foods is great and everything but wouldn’t you like to know that your fruit, vegetables and meat came from your garden, a community garden or a farmer trying to make a decent living in your state?

Enter the businesses that cater to the organic eater;

If you are busy working professional Natures Garden Delivered may be your answer to having fresh, pesticide free fruits and vegetables right in your home. It is a farm co-op where you can choose your own box size, your own frequency of delivery and even end up saving time and money not letting fruits and veggies go bad at your home and not running out of fresh vegetables.

The Dekalb Farmers Market on Ponce De Leon started as a fruit and veggie stand in 1977. It is family owned and still operated by that same family today. It is an amazing place. You can buy spices in bulk, foods from around the world, very pretty flowers, whole sized fish, you can go absolutely wild. If you are a foodie this place is a must not miss. Oh and by the way that little fruit stand on the corner sits at 140,000 square feet right off Ponce.

Serenbe Farms is a beautiful place. More for its lovely homes, restaurants, galleries and live work sustainable living neighborhoods. Serenbe is a place to get organic food on the south side of Atlanta. From May until November they have a weekly farmers market and artist market on Saturdays. What a fun way to pick up your fresh fruits and veggies and get your creative juices flowing as well.

Life Grocery Natural Market in Marietta is a place on the North West side of Atlanta to buy organic, order organic and just learn how to be healthier.

This article only skims the surface of what is available in the Atlanta Metro Area. We are truly blessed with good soil, good moderate temperatures and soil content. Our climate makes it perfect for sustainable farming. Get out there and buy local.

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