Winter Fun-Capturing a Memory with a Snapshot

My brother and I both received very cool Christmas presents a couple of years ago. We each got Canon digital cameras. This is the first digital camera I’ve had. It is a Canon PowerShot A480. I have had so much fun with it I carry it with me almost everywhere I go. I have taken so many pictures with it, I have three albums full of cool nature and travel pictures.

I like the digital cameras because I can snap as many different pictures as I want and then view them later and decide which ones I want to keep to print later. Before my digital camera I would use throw away cameras. These cameras take good pictures, but can get expensive. With a digital camera I can take four or five pictures from different angles of the same object and in a sense not waste anything, but a little bit of time. The screen on the back of this Canon Digital Camera works great to view each picture and by pushing a couple of buttons the bad pictures are gone.

At one time I could download the pictures from this camera onto my computer. I would then create my own greeting card or postcard with these downloaded pictures and send them to friends and family. I also used some of my own pictures as computer screensavers. This can’t easily be done with a 35mm or throw away camera.

In addition to photography as a hobby, I have learned to refurbish old picture frames and create neat gifts for family and friends

In the last couple of years, a digital camera has given me an opportunity to enjoy a fairly inexpensive year round hobby. With the snow that has accumulated in Ohio the last last two winters, not only have I been able to record history with my digital camera, but have also been able to capture the beauty of eleven inches of snow from my living room window. The pictures that are in photo albums have also become good entertainment during the bitter cold winter months. With a photo album on my lap and a hot beverage in my hand, the dark winter nights aren’t always nearly as long.

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