Witches in My Head

October 2011, in a small town in Maine-

After losing his job, Jeremy struggled with his finances, his family, and his relationship. He was always a bright guy with all the answers when things got tough for him or his friends and family. he could solve any problem he had ever faced. While seeking another job, he began to notice a problem, things were not working out as easily as they had in the past, in fact the search for a new job was turning up nothing and going nowhere.

Pressure began to mount and continued to get worse by the day. “There must be something I can do to generate income” this thought consumed him as the pressure from his family became unbearable. While surfing the internet Jeremy found a website selling witchcraft novelties and thought to himself, wow, a broom selling for $38 dollars? A small bottle of magic potion selling for $25 dollars? “I can’t believe people are actually paying good money for this stuff”. He got his best money making idea ever!

He quickly put together the small amount of money needed to start his own web site selling these items among others like phony spells that promised wealth and happiness. Things were going great! Proud of himself, he began telling everyone how dumb people were, and that their stupidity was his greatest success of all!

Three months later

A woman came to Jeremy’s new web site and bought $700 dollars worth of stuff, in fact she was his best and first big customer. They talked a lot about witchcraft as he studied the subject and tried to bluff his way through these lengthy conversations with this woman who was actually a real witch. She told Jeremy of a story in which she had cast a spell on a guy pretending to be a witch for financial gain. This particular spell exiled the phony into cyber space where he would spend the rest of eternity writing short stories related to witchcraft, anyone that views these stories would be cursed, opening a gateway for Jeremy to haunt the reader for the rest of his or her life!

Present day

Jeremy disappeared and was never seen again.

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