Women, Do You Make Any of These Sex Mistakes?

Do you wonder if you are satisfying your man in bed? Do you wonder if there are some things you should be doing or shouldn’t be doing in bed? Recently, the website webmd.com did an article on some common mistakes women made sexually. How many of them do you think you make?

According to the article, here are some of the mistakes women made frequently:

Not Initiating Sex With Their Partner Worrying About What They Looked Like Instead of Concentrating On Having Sex Assuming Sex is Casual For Men

Let’s break down these mistakes and see what they all might mean to the women, in the real world.

Not Initiating Sex with Their Partner

What are the biggest reasons for not initiating sex? Shyness and feelings of inadequacies are the two biggest reasons. Many women were taught the men should always make the first move. However, in this new society we live in now, men likes women who take charge, at least part of the time. They want us to take charge both in and out of the bedroom. For this reason, we all need to quit being shy and start being a bit more seductive when we want sex.

Of course, real life can also hinder us from initiating sex. Face it, when we live busy lives it can be hard to schedule sleep let alone sex. Yet, we must do this for the sake of our sanity and our relationships.

Worrying About What They Look Like

Do you feel you can only have sex when you are perfect? Your hair has got be washed and styled first. You definitely must have on the right clothes and don’t forget you must have shaved your legs before you can think about having sex. Do you think your man cares about all of this? Well, he doesn’t care. All he cares about is that you are ready, able and that your breath doesn’t stink. Think about this, too. In the end, your hair should be a mess, your clothes will be off your body, and he won’t even think about whether or not your legs need to be shave as long as they are not long enough or course enough to cut him during the act.

Assuming Sex Is Casual For Men

Movies may make us believe that all men are hounds. Movies make us believe that men are only in relationships or go on dates for sex. This isn’t the case. Men, as well, as women strive for commitment, love, and possible romance. Men want and deserve it all, just like we do. Don’t put men or any man in one large category. See each man separately. Just because one man you know may think sex is something that can be done casually doesn’t mean all men think this way.

Yes, we all make mistakes when it comes to sex. Yet, we can fix those mistakes. We can learn to think and act differently. We can do this for the sake of our current relationships.



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