Wonderful Christmas Memories

What is a meaningful memory of Christmas? You can never have just one. For me, there are memories that span over several years. Music is a Christmas tradition that I have happily experienced over the course of five years. I have been a member of the local church choir since 2006 and have sung at their Midnight Masses every Christmas since then. I have also participated in two Christmas concerts over the past two years. My music skills have ranged from group singing, voice duets, voice solos, piano solos, and piano duets. What I have also enjoyed from these concerts is observing the diversity of instruments that are used during these performances. These concerts have used guitar, piano, and bongos and congas. My boyfriend is a percussionist, and his playing provides unique rhythms and beats to classic Christmas songs! It was also wonderful watching children dance in the aisles to the beat of the bongos and congas. Music is my favorite hobby; to use this hobby during my favorite holiday is very fulfilling.

Music can help relieve stress from your life; it would be particularly helpful over the holidays. According to the American Cancer Society website, “Ancient Greek philosophers believed that music could heal both the body and the soul.” Singing for the holidays is so relaxing; I wish it was a daily ritual.

Another Christmas memory I have is the time I have spent with my family over the years. It is warm and cozy to have the entire family together for the holidays. I have always loved exchanging gifts, eating dinners, and having lots of laughs! One unique gift that my cousin received last year was piano gloves; you can play songs right from your gloves! As a pianist, it was a little complicated, but still interesting. I also love gift cards; they are the perfect gifts. My favorites are from Olive Garden and Best Buy. I usually purchase DVDs, and pasta is my favorite food. What could be better?

Christmas is a time for everyone to gather together and be happy. Pick a hobby you enjoy and share it with those you love!

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