World Record Crocodile Captured in the Philippines

If you have not seen this video, I promise you will not believe your eyes. A crocodile measuring 21 feet from mouth to tail and weighing over 2500 pounds was captured in the Philippines in a poverty stricken region about 500 miles south east of Manila. The croc is believed to be the largest ever caught and is the closest thing to a dinosaur that you will ever see.

The crocodile’s domain, which was a remote river system near Agusan, had been the sight of several missing fishermen, and when some villagers were eye witness to the leviathan’s attack on a water buffalo, the hunt to capture it began.

After several months searching for the giant, he was finally located and pulled from the river by a rope, with over 100 villagers providing the muscle to drag him to the shore.

Two years ago the croc had been responsible for attacking a 12-year old girl who was riding in a banca (a wooden boat carved from a tree). In one giant crunching blow from its titanic jaw, the monstrous reptile bit the boat in half and decapitated the girl.

If you think “Jaws” was scary; get a load of this:

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