World Series Party Planning Tips for Baseball Fans

A great way to enjoy the World Series is with a fun party filled with lots of food and plenty of baseball. Here’s some tips to make sure your party goes off without a hitch.

Ask guests to come early.
Whenever I throw baseball party, I usually ask my friends and family to come an hour or so before the game, that way everyone has time to get settled with their food. So add some fun, you could also ask everyone to come dressed in their favorite team’s shirts or caps. I even like to give to give out foam fingers, to really get in the baseball spirit.

Keep food simple with stadium classics.
When it comes to making treats for a party especially a baseball party, I like to keep it simple. A hotdog buffet with hotdogs, buns and traditional toppings like mustard, ketchup and shredded cheese is always a crowd pleaser. I would even suggest adding a pot of chili, so everyone can make their own chili hotdog. When it comes to drinks, I just put some beers, sodas and water bottles in a cooler, so everyone can help themselves. For dessert, vanilla ice cream and Cracker Jacks is a great combination.

Use sports equipment to re-create a ballpark in your house.
If you really want to take your party to the next level or you’re planning a baseball themed birthday party, use sports equipment to create a ballpark atmosphere. In the past, I’ve deck out my front door with stadium signs and even a home base plate. Indoors, you could lay a piece of fake grass under the food table or below the coffee table to mimic a playing field.

Make the commercials fly by with a few fun activities.
Commercials can be really long and boring, so to keep the party going play a few fun games. You could organize a pitching contest by setting a tall wastebasket or hamper in the middle of the room. Then give each person crumbled paper balls or clean balled socks to try tossing into the basket. The person with most in the basket wins. This game is usually a big hit at my parties especially with the kids. If you want to test your baseball knowledge, trivia is the perfect activity, plus it makes the commercials fly by.

World Series party is a great way to bond with family and friends while enjoying one of the oldest and most cherish sports in history.

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