Write a Love Letter to Your Child

Love Letter to Your Child

Fill in the blanks to create a love letter to your child that will make them feel special for years to come. Pull this out and reread it anytime you feel frustrated with each other over the years to recharge your bond instantly!

Dear _______________________________________:

I am so _________________________ you are my child.

You make me smile when ______________________________________________.

You make me laugh when ______________________________________________.

I enjoy it when we ____________________________________________together.

I am so proud that you ________________________________________________.

I think you are _______________________________________________________.

My wish for you is _____________________________________________________.

I love you.


Create a keepsake poem with your child.

Fill in the blanks with your child’s responses about what they think love smells, tastes, sounds and feels like. Read the finished poem to your child. You can make up poems about any emotion using this format.

Smells like ____________________________
Tastes like ____________________________
Sounds like ___________________________
Feels like _____________________________


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