Writing as a Form of Resistance; An Essay on Approach

In the United States of America we have lists of words that are dangerous for the average writer to put to paper. The easiest are those which are seen as negatives in regards to the writer’s mental state, the superlative use of four letter rejoinders tends to cause the largest amount of angst. Then there are the less often approached words and phrases which alone hold no real promise or meaning but when placed in conjunction with other thoughts create intense emotional responses.

Anything which separates humans by race, sex, religion or any of the other many dividers placed upon us by our statist educations and approaches will generate intense emotional discourse and cause most reading to throw up their hands and walk away muttering about the insecurities and mental retardation of the author. For each of these terms there is a point of beginning in which it went from a simple word to a negative idea. And for many of these socially unacceptable terms there is a law written or a government agency in place for the sole purpose of its eventual destruction.

For the liberty minded individual; writing quickly becomes a chore when restrictions upon what can and cannot be used within ones writing are stated. However, the approach that can be taken is to reject the platforms which restrict the usage of the improper, for the more laudable goal of enhancing the liberty of one’s mind. Am I suggesting using these often demonized words and phrases in ones writing, no; however, I am in fact presenting the idea that we can affect other individuals minds on a higher level by including the occasional phrase or word that may cause them to remember the entire idea behind an essay written with the tasteful usage of a socially unacceptable word or phrase.

Early on as a writer I discovered that the general public is less likely to read an article if its original paragraph is not “catching,” I also discovered that over 400 words and you will easily be able to count the sum total of a columns readership on your hands. Some modern liberty minded writers are able to place entire ideas within the space of 250-400 words, however, for others (myself included) we write articles that could easily be a stand-alone book if we so desired. So what have I done as an individual to better address this personal problem of wordiness?

Several years ago I began writing small pieces for various online publications and set a limit of 400 words on myself, after writing several articles in this manner I soon found that I had to employ the use of a dictionary to reduce the word count and say more with that reduction in force. I accepted that the average reader would not understand my usage of grandiose terms and settled for using more modern approaches in the articles themselves. I also set aside more time to simply study the modern dictionary as well as copies of dictionaries from as far back as the early 1800’s. Coupling this added knowledge with a desire to educate others in a successful manner with the articles written, caused me to spend more time per article simply assuring myself that the article itself was a complete thought and in a format that could be easily understood.

Those words that have gained almost universal disdain were occasionally used when a point was to be made. They were introduced not to distract the reader but to cause them to think and retain that which had been written around the word. Obviously this approach does not guarantee acceptance, and as we know acceptance is not always what is desired, more importantly we desire the flipping of the proverbial light switch within the depths of an individual, one basted and cooked in a stew of indoctrination at the hands of the state.

So how does one resist with writing and do so effectively. You place a strong well phrased wall between the readers conscious objections to what is being written and what they have been taught. Without overburdening them you present a series of facts, not lines upon lines of statistics, but more a simple factoid well known by all but ignored by most. You present the reader with a personal dilemma, placing them in the position from where they must reason on their own to escape. For most it is the love of police and military and their preconceived idea that the state is a benevolent being that while sometimes getting it wrong always has our best interest in mind. You expose a portion of that false idea and present it to the individual, being gentle yet firm you present the idea in a way that shows its absolute failure.

The idea of what is being presented is what is important, and at times that idea must be placed under a microscope to understand it for yourself before you can present it to others. Create doubt in the readers mind as to their own thinking process’s and do so with well written essays avoiding the tendency to attack with our words. Even to this day I catch myself attacking the idea with a voracious appetite and by so doing I understand that I lose the attention of the average reader, regardless how true what is said may be. Avoid the use of the “banned” and socially unacceptable unless it is necessary to include that for the point to become salient in the mind of the reader. Play on the states desire to separate the individuals into little boxes of their own making by destroying the idea that is the divider.

Racism becomes a non-point; sexism is impossible and religious hatred difficult when you address other individuals as an individual who has no need for those dividers. Each of us understands of course the desire to “defend” against personal attacks made regarding our written word. However, why even dignify the indoctrination of the state with a defense when instead we can promote the ideal of real liberty, first of the mind and then of the body. Equality, the idea that the state must assure us each our little “spot” falls by the wayside once people realize that the very reason for the word in regards to the state is unnecessary. We each upon realization of our individual liberty soon realize that we are perfectly unequal to everyone around us, we no longer desire the “equality” that is demanded by feminists, homosexuals, races, religions and more. Instead we work to simply show others that they can also be truly free and as a result have a power that no state can ever grant or hold over us.

We who write for liberties sake have a power that no state can ever match for we write based not in what the state would have us want or desire but what we ourselves know and understand about ourselves. We who resist using the written word do so with the sure understanding that there may be a time when that written word will cause us harm, however, we also understand that for every article we write another individual may gain their mental liberty and be on the road to physical liberty. More importantly the written word is as necessary a weapon in the arsenal of a liberty lover as their minds or physical tools may be.

~Resist, be free~

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