WWE Monday Night RAW 9-5-11 Results

CM Punk came out, and sat Indian style in the ring. He said that he is different in his talking and walking style. He said that being different makes him a target, and he pisses a lot of people off. Even though he was scheduled to face R-Truth, he would much rather Kevin Nash in the face. He called Nash the “soul crushing status quo”, and called Nash out to come out and face him. When Nash didn’t come out, Punk got up and said that is what he thought, but just then Nash finally arrived and said he doesn’t listen to Punk, and he will do whatever he wants. Punk said that Nash had more excuses than he has had nick names. Nash asked Punk what he thought would happen if Nash came down to the ring, since every time he comes down he leaves Punk laying, and Triple H did Punk a favor by pulling Nash out of their scheduled match. As Nash made his way down to the ring, Punk said that no matter how many times Nash knocks him down, he will keep coming back. Triple H then came out and was told by Nash that Punk is a cancer and since he has the stroke, he should get rid of Punk. Triple H said that if it was any other time he might be inclined to do so. But since now Triple H has seen some security footage from Summer Slam, and knows that the person who sent the text that started this all, was from Nash himself. Nash said that he just did what Triple H should have done, and has made the WWE cool again. He then told Triple H that he cannot be in the same company as Punk, and he had to go. Triple H said that he doesn’t like but Punk hasn’t lied to him, though that is all Nash has done, so he is inclined to get rid of Nash instead. Nash stopped him and said that Triple H can’t do that, picking Punk over his friend. He then asked if this is all about the push from last week, and he thought that it was OK for friends to do stuff like that sometimes. He then asked Triple H what he would do if he did it again, and began pushing Triple H and poking at his chest. Triple H took a few shoves, and then punched Nash in the face. He then said that Nash was definitely fired and left ringside, as Punk laughed at Nash and left the ring, the crowd serenaded Nash with a “goodbye” cheer.

In the back Nash and John Laurrinitis were shown getting in the back of a limo.

Match 1: Air Boom v. Ginder Mahal & The Great Khali

Mahal and Khali dominated Bourne until he was able to get away and tag Kofi into the match. As Kofi tried to bounce off the ropes, Khali pulled the ropes down, and Kofi flipped to the outside. While getting back in the ring, Kofi surprised Mahal by bouncing in between the ropes, nailing both Mahal and Khali in the head. Mahal landed in the center of the ring and Kofi quickly went over and tagged in Bourne who would hit Mahal with the Air Bourne and score the winning pin.

Winners: Air Boom

Match 2: Beth Phoenix v. Eve (Number one Contender match for the Divas Championship)

Eve was able to hit Beth with a flipping Senton splash, but Beth quickly fought back, hitting Eve with the Glam Slam for the win. Kelly Kelly, who was at ringside, bickering with Natalya, tried to console Eve, only to be attacked by Natalya. After throwing Kelly Kelly to the ground, Natalya came into the ring to celebrate with Beth.

Winner: Beth Phoenix

In the back Drew McIntyre was talking to Christian, when Alberto Del Rio came into the picture and tried to rile up Christian against John Cena. Christian said he knew what Del Rio was doing. But Del Rio pointed out that Cena gave Christian the Attitude Adjustment last week, and a day after Christian had to fight in the steel cage and lost, but he didn’t want to tell Christian what to do, and walked away.

R-Truth and The Miz came out to the ring individually, ranting about a conspiracy in the company and that Triple H is in way over his head as COO. The Miz then announced that at Night of Champions they will be facing Air Boom for the tag titles. They then ran down the fan choice for the name Air Boom and then R-Truth declared that he had an epiphany (which he mispronounced) and said that CM Punk will get got.

Match 3: CM Punk v. R-Truth

When R-Truth threw CM Punk to the outside, the Miz clipped his knee sending Punk crashing to the mat. R-Truth went after him, attempting to capitalize on Punk’s knee as he threw Punk into the ring and went to work on his hurt leg. When R-Truth gave Punk a breather, Punk surprised him with a roll up, but after R-Truth kicked out, he quickly went after the leg again, taking Punk down. After a couple of minutes of working over the leg with kicks and submission holds, R-Truth allowed Punk back up to his feet and was hit with a series of kicks and punches. When R-Truth countered, he slammed Punk to the mat and headed for the top rope. As he reached the top, Punk was already on his feet and he mounted the turnbuckles, superplexing R-Truth into the ring. As both men struggled to their feet, Punk assaulted R-Truth with a series of hard kicks, as well as a bulldog and a knee to the chest. As Punk went for the GTS, R-Truth countered, suplexing Punk in the ring. R-Truth bounced off the ropes, but missed a scissor kick, allowing Punk to get the advantage. AS R-Truth was down, the Miz got involved and got a kick from Punk. An aggrivated Miz tried to fight his way to the ring, but was forced to the back by the ref. In the meantime, R-Truth attempted to sneak up on Punk, but was caught up on Punk’s shoulders, and hit with the GTS, allowing Punk to win the match. Immediately after the match, Triple H headed out to the ring. Punk grabbed the microphone and said he wasn’t buying the Nash firing, and that Triple H and Nash were still best friends. Triple H said he didn’t care what Punk believed, and said that Punk made their feud personal. He then made the match an Anything Goes, no DQ match, and implied that when he was done beating Punk, he might just fire him. Triple H tried to leave, but Punk called him back and said that if he beats Triple H, then Triple H must resign as COO of the WWE, and Triple H quickly agreed.

Winner: CM Punk

Alberto Del Rio interrupted Wade Barrett’s conversation with Tyler Reks and Kurt Hawking, and tried to convince Wade Barrett to take out Cena. Barrett said that if he was looking to give him an incentive to take out Cena, he would have to make it worth his while.

Match 4: Jerry Lawler & Zakk Ryder v. Otunga & McGullicuty

Lawler came out and introduced Zakk Ryder as his partner. Ryder than insisted on starting the match and was quickly taken down by McGullicutty. Otunga was tagged in and the two men double teamed Ryder, taunting Lawler in the process. Otunga would later cheap shot Lawler on the apron and moments later Ryder was able to tag Lawler in. Lawler assaulted Otunga but a pin attempt was broken up by McGuillicutty, who was quickly clotheslined out of the ring by Ryder. Lawler hit Otunga with a fist from the middle ropes, as Ryder begged to be tagged in. Lawler tagged him in and Ryder finished off Otunga with a flying leg drop.

Winners: Jerry Lawler & Zakk Ryder

In the back Del Rio tried to convince Dolph Ziggler that he should take Cena out, and Ziggler accused Del Rio of being scared of Cena. After being befriended by the Bellas, Del Rio told Ziggler that Vicki wasn’t dealing with Jack Swagger because she wanted more clients, but because she was looking to replace Ziggler with someone who will actually put up a fight.

Match 5: Randy Orton v. Heath Slater

Orton dominated the match’s opening minutes until Slater poked him in the eye and kicked him in the head with an ensegury kick. He then locked Orton in a head lock trying to wear the World Champion down. When Orton got up, Slater nailed him with a spine buster, and after an unsuccessful pin attempt, went back to the head lock. When Slater lost track of the match, Orton nailed him with a clothesline and a power slam, then threw Slater to the ring apron, just to nail him with a DDT in the ring. When Slater got up, Orton hit the RKO and scored the winning pin.

winner: Randy Orton

John Cena came out to the ring and said that he predicts that Roberto Rodriguez would come out and introduce Alberto Del Rio who will arrive in a rental luxury car which he doesn’t know the name of, and come up with a reason why they can’t fight tonight. Things went as Cena predicted as Del Rio said that he is trying to give Cena a fighting chance, that’s why he didn’t take Cena out like he did to Rey Myserio. He claimed that he was trying to protect Cena but he can only speak for himself, but not for his amigos. Jack Swagger, Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler came out to attack Cena, and were joined by Christian. Not long after Alex Riley, Sheamus and John Morrison came out to the ring to assist Cena, as they fought off the wrestlers assaulting Cena. Teddy Long came out and said as Smackdown GM he had the autority to intervene, and made an 8 man tag team elimination match.

Match 6: John Cena, Sheamus, John Morrison & Alex Riley v. Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Christian & Jack Swagger (Elimination match)

After several tags into the match from both teams, John Morrison came into the match and ran rough-shot over all of the opposing team until he was finally subdued by Dolph Ziggler who locked in the sleeper hold, and Jack Swagger simultaneously locked in the ankle lock. While Ziggler was forced to let go, Morrison ended up tapping out to the ankle lock. Riley was the next victim of an assault by Ziggler’s team. Vicki Guerrero was now out at ringside and was yelling encouragements to Ziggler. Riley ducked a punch from Ziggler and fought off Ziggler, as well as the other members of his team. But Ziggler caught him with a rocker dropper, yet was unable to score a pin. Ziggler kept on beating on Riley, as Swagger tagged himself in, locked in the ankle lock, and made Riley submit as well. Sheamus then entered that match for his team, and Wade Barrett was tagged in, as the two fought back and forth for a couple of minutes until Sheamus was distracted by Ziggler, and Barrett nailed Sheamus with a big kick to the face. Sheamus would fight Barrett off and came off the top rope, hitting Barrett with a flying shoulder tackle. Sheamus would then miss a kick to the face and be taken advantage by Barrett. But Barrett allowed Sheamus to slip away and hit him with the jumping front kick, pinning Barrett. Christian came in and antagonized Shemus with some cheap shots and a slap to the face which resulted in Sheamus chasing Christian all around the ring, into the crowd and up the aisle. While Sheamus finally caught up with Christian and beat him up, both men were counted out. This left Cena to deal one on two against Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. The two exchanged tags a couple of times while they beat on Cena. Cena fought both me off after a few minutes of being on the receiving end of their offense. He hit both men with a double Five Knuckle Shuffle, and dropped Ziggler with a slam, but was caught with a side slam by Swagger. Swagger then rushed the corner and bounced off, splashing on top of Cena. Suddenly Ziggler tagged himself into the match, and after a short argument with Swagger rushed Cena who hit Ziggler with the Attitude Adjustment and got pinned. Swagger immediately locked in the ankle lock on Cena, who after several seconds of struggling reversed it, and locked in the STF, to which Swagger would tap. Alberto Del Rio came in to attack Cena, but was hit with the Attitude Adjustment as well.

Winner: John Cena

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