WWE Monday Night RAW Results 8-15-11

Triple H came to the ring and said that he realizes that a lot of people are upset about how things went last night and apologized to the WWE fans and John Cena, claiming that later tonight he would apologize to Cena directly. He said if he hadn’t screwed things up he is not sure who would have won. He then denied any knowledge of Kevin Nash’s intentions in last night’s attack and said he invited Nash to come to RAW and explain himself. He then said, in regards to Alberto Del Rio cashing in the Money In the Bank briefcase, that’s just how Money In The Bank works. He then introduced Del Rio who came out and said he never intended to cash in the Money In The Bank case, but he couldn’t resist doing so after he saw what Kevin Nash did. He then said that he wants to represent all of the fans with respect and be their champion. He said that he would be signing autographs in the lobby and take pictures with all the kids, and tonight he would face Rey Mysterio for the WWE Championship in his first title defense. He said that everyone including him love Rey Mysterio. He then allowed the crowd to cheer 619 and then said that he loves beating Rey Mysterio. He reminded everyone that he started his career with beating Rey and wakes up in the morning wishing he could just do it again.

Match 1: R-Truth v. John Morrison (Falls count anywhere)

As the two battled to the outside, R-Truth took advantage, viciously assaulting Morrison. He ran into Morrison multiple times against the barricades with running knees and crotched him on the barricades afterward. R-Truth nailed Morrison, knocking him into the crowd. R-Truth followed and continued to beat on Morrison in the crowd. Every pin R-Truth attempted ended with Morrison kicking out at the last split second, so the frustrated R-Truth brought Morrison back toward the ring, but when he followed him over the barricades, R-Truth was surprised by a jumping kick to the head by Morrsion. R-Truth escaped a pin attempt, and rolled one of the announcer’s chairs out to the ringside area, but got clotheslined by Morrison before he could use it. Morrison then suplexed R-Truth backwards right onto the chair. R-Truth landed in a sitting position in the chair, and then got nailed by a running knee from Morrison, then pinned R-Truth on the floor in front of the announcers’ table.

Winner: John Morrison

The Miz came to the ring dressed in a suit and said that he was asked to say hello to someone in the crowd, and he pointed to Jared from Subway, who was sitting the front row. The Miz then said that he would be a better spokesman for Subway than Jared could ever be. He approached Jared and said he would show him, snatching the sub out of Jared’s hand. He then advertised the new Subway chicken sandwich. He then declared that he will be champion again because he is the Miz and he is awesome.

A limo arrived in the back and Kevin Nash stepped out, heading to the arena.

Match 2: Bella Twins v. Eve & Kelly Kelly

When the Bella Twins seemed firmly in control, Eve reversed an attempt at a suplex and dropped Nicki in the center of the ring. Kelly tackled Brie Bella to keep her from interfering, and Eve hit Nicki with a moonsalt from the top rope to get the winning pin. After the match, the Divas of Doom came out and applauded Kelly and Eve on their victory in a very sarcastic manner.

Winners: Kelly Kelly & Eve

Kevin Nash made his way to the ring with no music and with a stern look on his face. He thanked Triple H for inviting him to RAW to say his piece. Nash confirmed Triple H did invite him to Summerslam, leaving tickets at will call. He then got a text from Triple H to stick the winner no matter who that happened to be after the match. He then found out that Triple H knew nothing about this text and he said that he and Triple H needed to get on the same page. As Nash was ready to leave, CM Punk came out and said he doesn’t buy Nash’s story. He then went on to basically tell Nash that he is full of it, and Nash told Punk to watch his mouth. Punk said that Nash needs to watch the show, because Punk says what he wants. Punk said he blames a lot of people for last night, but not Del Rio as he has done the same thing as Del Rio before. He said that all that this is that Triple H is in charge and he is just bringing in his cronies. After a round of personal, snark comments which included Nash wanting a thank you for shaking up things in 1996, and Punk saying that he would rather leave the company as he came in, as CM Punk, than have a bunch of goofy gimmicks along the way, Punk stopped the trash talking by pointing out that Nash seemed to want a fight, and he would be fine with that. Nash seemed fine with it too as Punk headed to the ring only to have 5 security guards step in front of him. He said that he wasn’t surprised that Triple H is protecting his buddies, and he knows he didn’t put the guards in front of himself, so he would go to the back and find out just what is going on from Triple H himself.

Nash went to Triple H’s office but found only John Laurinitis who said that the way Punk spoke to him last night and Nash tonight was unacceptable, and while Triple H is in a meeting with CM Punk, the two of them can go and talk somewhere in private.

Match 3: Alex Riley v. Jack Swagger

Dolph Ziggler and Vicki Guerrerro joined the announcers and bickered, but also came to each other’s defense. In the meantime, Jack Swagger attempted to wear down Riley, who reversed momentum with a spine buster. Riley then leveled Swagger with a clothesline and as Swagger fell into the ropes, Riley slid to the outside and ran around the ring kicking him in the face. In the meantime, Vicki got up and took off JR’s hat. She put it on herself and then went up to the ring apron, where she got the attention of the ref and put the hat on him. The ref told her to get away from the ring, and threw the hat to the outside. As Riley saw this going on he was distracted and got nailed from behind by Swagger, and then pinned. As Swagger was performing his victory lap in the ring, Dolph got up from the announce position and took the hat from Vicki, threw it on the ground and stepped on it. Then he put it back on JR’s head.

Winner: Jack Swagger

In the back Jack Swagger complimented Vicki and suggested that as great managers of the past, Vicki should consider expanding her roster.

CM Punk came to Triple H’s office to run into Stephanie. She said she was sorry that Punk lost the way that he did. Then again, he didn’t really win since Cena’s foot was on the ropes. But she told him not to worry because in the end, people always get what they deserve.

Match 4: David Otunga & Mike McGullicuty v. Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne

After Kofi drop kicked Otunga to the outside, he hit McGullicuty with the Trouble In Paradise spin kick, and Evan Bourne finished off the tag champs by landing the Air Bourne for the win.

Winners: Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne

Match 5: Alberto Del Rio v. Rey Mysterio (WWE Championship)

After Rey hit Del Rio with a 619, he mounted the top ropes for a frog splash, but as he came down, Del Rio got his knees up in the air and Rey landed squarely on them. Del Rio turned Rey over and pinned him for the win. After the match, Del Rio went after Rey, torquing his shoulder across the bottom ropes. He then threw Rey to the outside and followed him out, slamming the now hurt shoulder across the announcers’ table. He then threw Rey back in the ring and placed the arm bar submission on him. John Cena rushed to ringside and assaulted Del Rio who couldn’t get out of the ring fast enough. As Del Rio and Ricardo backed up the aisle, Cena took the microphone and lashed out at Del Rio, stating that while a guy like CM Punk earned his shot, he didn’t earn it. He claimed that all Del Rio did was cash in a briefcase and got lucky. Cena went on to say that if may feel like winning the championship was Del Rio’s destiny, but holding on to that belt makes everyone Del Rio’s enemy, and if the title defense is against Cena in the future, then Del Rio’s destiny is to have Cena whoop his ass.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

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