WWE Teases that WrestleMania 29 Will Be Held in Dallas, Texas

In February 2011, there was talk that the WWE wants to hold WrestleMania 29 in Dallas, Texas at the luxurious Cowboy Stadium. Well now it’s October 2011, and now that rumor has been confirmed somewhat.

At the Smackdown Tapings in Dallas Texas on (10-11-2011), Triple H and Shawn Michaels made an appearance as D-Generation-X before the crowd. Both guys hinted that a future WrestleMania would be coming to coming to Cowboys Stadium. Currently, there has been talk that Dallas is most likely place for WrestleMania 29 to occur at.

It’s no surprise that Dallas is in the front-running for WrestleMania 29. It cost over 1.3 billion to make the spectacular Cowboy Stadium, and it can hold over 100,000 fans in it. As I previously said in Feb 2011, WWE wants to break the attendance record that they created in 1987. Remember WrestleMania 3? 93,173 fans showed up for WrestleMania 3, and WWE hasn’t come close to that since. They have accumulated 70,000 fans for previous WrestleMania’s but, not 93,173. Plus, sporting events held at the Cowboy Stadium always turn out to be quite successful.

Source: All-Wrestling, The Contributor

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