Year-Round, Bathtub Snowballs

There are some things you simply have to keep away from little kids, like lighters, kitchen knives, and cleaning products. Now you’ll have to add something else to that list. When they see the bathtub snowballs you make they’ll be tempted to start a snowball fight – indoors! True, You don’t want them to get hurt with one of the hard snowballs, and you certainly don’t want the kids throwing them around and breaking things, but more importantly, you just won’t want your children to waste the snowballs. Once you try just one of the unusual bath salts you’ll want to keep them all for yourself. Ah, a warm bath on a cold night; there are few things more warming and relaxing. And, since bath products come in every scent, and every type, you can order up the exact variety of tub baths that you desire: scented oil, bubble bath, or even a nice, lavender soak. It all but guarantees that you’ll emerge from the tub smelling fabulous, and feeling warmed and rejuvenated. But since those bath products are constantly climbing in price, make your own snowball bath salts, and you’ll save money, smell great, and have impressively soft skin.

If you have a ball mold, great. If not, you can still form the snowballs. Let’s start with a cup of Epsom salts and add a tablespoon of water; you can easily increase or decrease this recipe. Epsom salts are very inexpensive, leave you with ultra-silky skin, and are known for their ability to sooth sore muscles. Stir the little bit of water with the Epsom salts until you have a thick mud consistency. If you want, add a few drops of essential oil to the batch, and mix well.

If you have a ball mold, put the Epsom salts in it to set up. If not, you can make one using small, round measuring cups. Fill two identical cups with the mixture. Set the snowballs in a warm place to dry. This can take several days. Or, allow the snowballs to dry for a day, remove them from the molds, and place them on a cookie sheet. Turn the oven on “warm” and slide the snowballs into the oven for a few hours. In order to make the two halves from the mold into one whole ball, wet the flat side of both balls, stick them together, and set them somewhere to dry.

The snowball bath salts will certainly make your tub time even more enjoyable, but consider them for gifts, too. They’re great party favors, when given individually, and they’re the perfect gift for a holiday, birthday, or anniversary. The snowballs are pretty enough for a woman yet manly enough to make for a guy.

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