Yearning for Love.. A Story of a Lonely Child

Yearning for love A story of a lonely child
Remember when your childhood had a magical quality and was carefree?
This is how just little Stanley wishes his childhood would be.
From first glace he looks so happy and free
but the truth is, he is hurting and yearning for love
He stands out in the snow tired and alone
just hoping for some warmth and love
there is a hole, an empty void in his heart
The snow plummets his body temperature
chilling him to the bone
He hates being alone
in school, all of the children speak of their
tender and loving families
and Stanley feels so left out
because his family does not give
him that attention
Its the missing element in his
He wonders what its like to be hugged
and told he is loved
instead he will just continue to wish
body covered in bruises
this is how he sees love
it hurts and stings
but must be important
because these were given to him by mom
and moms are supposed to nurture
be kind and warm, right?
Living in an opaque world
everything is covered in misery
but not for long
Stanley’s parents have been reported
and will soon be going to jail
for mistreating their child
so badly
and Stanley will go to a family
that will provide unrelenting support
and care
unconditional love
and will tuck him in at night
maybe even read him a bed time story
oh, what a treat!
he will finally be embraced in a hug
feel the beat of another’s heart
one that will never part
and wrap him in love
two hearts bleeding into one
brighter than the sun
finally, Stanley will be rewarded
with the life he deserves
and more importantly, socially acceptable.
It’s a child one and only wish come true
to have a family who loves you.

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