You Are the “Ninety-Nine Percent” If..

You are the “Ninety-Nine Percent” if…

*You get up five days a week and head off to a regular job.

*You go to sleep at night wondering if you’ll be able to afford to send your kids to college.

*The number of digits in your annual income can be counted on one hand.

*Your health care is too expensive for you, though you have it or not.

* Your a small business owner and you struggle to provide health care insurance for your employees.

*You are unemployed and living off of your unemployment insurance.

*You have used up all of your unemployment insurance and are now depending on charity to support you and your family.

* Your home is in foreclosure because you can’t make the mortgage payments.

* Losing your job would make it difficult for you and your family.

*A major health crisis in your family might make you have to take out a second mortgage on your home.

*Republican politicians don’t care about you unless there’s an election coming up real soon.

*Republican politicians don’t call you a “Job Creator”.

*You will need to include your Social Security payments when you retire, to keep up your living standards that you have now.

*You work holidays instead of spending it with family and loved ones because you can use the extra money.

*Your employer decides how much money you make.

*Your employer decides if you should have a job or not.

*You shop at Wal-Mart because you need the savings.

*You work at Wal-Mart.

*You have an installment plan to pay off a medical bill.

*You understand what it feels like to be hungry; not because you’re on a diet, but because you can’t afford food.

*You get turned down for a small loan from a bank even though you always pay your bills.

*A 25 cents an hour raise gets you excited.

*And, you’re not a Republican politician.

Next week – “You Are the One Percent if…”

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