You Got Knocked the ‘F’ Out – Six NFL Teams that Can Already Kiss the Playoffs Goodbye!

No one knew it at the time, but way back in 1995 (jeez, I’m getting old) but when Craig (played by Ice Cube) knocked out Deebo (Tom Lister Jr.) in the now iconic film Friday, Smokey’s (Chris Tucker) ensuing line “You got knocked the f**k out” would become a new-age maxim for young people everywhere.

Well, in tribute of that famous utterance, I’ve decided to apply the ‘knocked the f**k out’ label to a handful of NFL teams that clearly aren’t going to be participants in this season’s playoffs.

Yes, pro football fanatics and gridiron gamblers everywhere, even at this early juncture of the 2011 regular season, it’s quite clear that some teams have absolutely no chance of reaching this season’s playoffs.

As usual, I’m offering up my one-of-a-kind, tell-it-like-it-is analysis, this time, on just which teams have already gotten ‘knocked the ‘F’ out’ of the 2011 postseason.

With that said – and the 2011 NFL regular season rolling right along – let’s take a quick look at the teams that can already begin preparations for the 2012 regular season.

Kansas City Chiefs (0-3)

The Chiefs are an absolute mess NFL betting enthusiasts. Before falling to San Diego 20-17 in Week 3, the Chiefs got outscored 89-10 in dropping their first two games to Buffalo and Detroit. Kansas City is averaging a pitiful 9.0 points per game while allowing a whopping 36.3 points per game defensively. What really makes the Chiefs the worst team in the league though is the fact that this is a team that won 10 games a year ago and was ‘supposed’ to be much better than this in 2011. Squeak, squeak, squeak. What’s that, you ask? Well, it’s not the sound of the men working on the train. More like, the skids being greased for Todd Haley’s departure.

Minnesota Vikings (0-3)

The Minnesota Vikings are also a huge disappointment as they head into their fourth game of the regular season. The Vikings were ‘supposed’ to be solid at the least under head coach Leslie Frazier, the veteran leadership of Donovan McNabb and gifted running of Adrian Peterson.

Instead, the Vikings have floundered in the worst way of all, by losing half-time leads in all three games this season. Clearly, Donovan McNabb is fading faster than a pair of well-worn jeans. Frazier has failed to utilize the unique talents of Peterson to the point the veteran running back is now questioning why he isn’t a bigger part of the offense.

To make matters worse, the Vikings reside in the powerful NFC North and are now the worst team in their own division thanks to the growth of the Detroit Lions. Either way, the Vikings won’t reach the postseason this time around.

Miami Dolphins (0-3)

The Miami Dolphins won big in Tony Sparano’s first season, going 11-5 back in 2007 for Bill Parcells’ former right-hand man to win the AFC East in unexpected fashion. Unfortunately things have gone backwards for the Fins in a big way ever since with the Dolphins going 7-9 in each of the last two seasons. This year, Miami looks as inept as they ever have under Sparano and now, with the Buffalo Bills’ arrival as a legitimate playoff-caliber ballclub, the winless Dolphins can kiss the playoffs goodbye. Oh, and Sparano can kiss his job goodbye at some point in the near future too!

Indianapolis Colts (0-3)

Peyton Manning may be out for the season, Jim Caldwell apparently isn’t cut out to be a head coach without a Hall of Fame-caliber quarterback and the Colts generally can’t stop running water. With Houston and a surprising Tennessee Titans’ team apparently going to fight it out for the AFC division title this season, the Colts can kiss their postseason hopes goodbye in a big way!

St. Louis Rams (0-3)

The Rams have the look of a team that has gone backwards from the solid 7-9 team they were a year ago. Talented quarterback Sam Bradford is 23rd in passing and more importantly, the team’s defense hasn’t shown up in ranking dead last against the run (174.3 ypg). At this point, it’s pretty evident that the Rams won’t be in the postseason – while the foundation is likely being laid for Spagnuolo’s future replacement.

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