Your Beautiful Way: 10 Secrets to Gorgeous Winter Beauty

To star-crossed lovers, winter means cuddling close in front of a crackling fire. To a happy child, winter means snowball fights, hot chocolate, and making cookies for Santa. But for a beautiful goddess (that’s you, toots!), winter means everything from stress and zapped energy to flaky skin and dull, lifeless hair. Not only is it up to us to create the magic and merriment for our families and friends to enjoy, but we’re expected to look amazing and effortless while doing it! But worry not, you foxy feline of winter friskiness! Follow these 10 easy secrets, you’ll be on your beautiful way to getting gorgeous and winter-ready.

Secret #1-Moisturize, Hydrate, Exfoliate! From masks and moisturizers, to toners and creams,
exfoliating simply makes every product work better. It’s the absolute star of your skin routine! Not only does exfoliating reverse dry and flaky winter damage by sloughing away dead skin cells, it also reveals younger, healthier, and more vibrant skin. What does this mean? Your skin can now better absorb all the benefits of your beauty products. And when picking your moisturizer, choose serums or creams that are super-hydrating and packed with healthy acids, humectants, and/or vitamins to nourish your skin and lock in more moisture. (Try Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal Facial Cream, $21.49 at But remember: beauty starts from inside, not from a bottle, Do yourself (and your skin) a great favor during winter months by drinking lots of water. It’s free and it’s benefits are endless! Drink it plain, or add a bit of seltzer and fruit. Either way, your skin will thank you!

Secret #2-Love Your Eyes! Because there are no oil glands in the skin directly beneath and above your eyes, fine lines and wrinkles can form. Pair that with brutal winter temperatures, and you’ll find yourself in big trouble. We can’t let this happen! After all, a fox like you has to maintain that come-hither stare, especially during the winter! Love your eyes by keeping it simple….with a green tea eye toner! Brew two bags of green tea and letting it cool. Next, dip a cotton ball in the pale liquid and dab gently and carefully. This will help tighten and brighten the skin around your eyes. Next, use an under-eye cream that includes elastin and collagen, since these help firm the skin and help it spring back to life. (Try L’Oreal Dermo-Expertise Eye Defense Cream w/Liposomes, $16). Before you know it, you’ll be back to winking and singing “Santa, Baby” in no time!

Secret #3-Classic Flair Hair! Before now, you thought olive oil and honey were just exotic, barely used ingredients decorating your cupboard. Not anymore! The combination of these two essentials create pure magical bliss for your hair! Mix equal parts of honey and olive oil together, warm up in the microwave, and apply to clean, towel-dried hair (preferably with an anti-residue shampoo). Wrap in a warm towel for 20-30 minutes, then rinse well. Repeat this once a week. The honey and oil help moisturize your hair and make it super-soft and major sexy during the entire winter!

Secret #4-DIY Steam Facials! Dry, flaky skin is painfully common during colder seasons, and quite difficult to reverse. But not for you, gal! With a few common household items (a towel, bowl, and tea bags), you’ll become gorgeous and snow-bunny beautiful! Simply grab a large bowl, fill it with boiling hot water, and add two mint tea bags and one chamomile. Slowly lean your face over the steam (add a bit of water if it’s too hot), and drape the towel over your head and the bowl so it “traps in” the steam. As the steam gently opens your pores, the cool mint invigorates your skin and the chamomile soothingly calms inflammation, especially for pimples. Next, gently massage your face. This helps to quickly remove impurities from your skin and pores to reveal a dewy glow.

Secret #5-Hands All Over! Next to the eyes, nothing tells your age quicker than your hands. They’re often the most neglected part of the body and tend to wrinkle even quicker and easier than the skin on your face. To fight the damaging effects of winter AND the signs of aging, start with a good quality exfoilating hand scrub, like All About Hands Exfoliating Hand & Elbow Scrub, $12.50 at Also, be sure to follow up with a thick, hydrating creams that are specifically designed for your hands, preferably with alpha-hydroxy acids. These acids are helpful in speeding up your skin cell’s turnover rate and, if used as directed, can totally reverse the signs of aging. Helpful Hint: Don’t neglect the inside of your hands; they’re just as important as the outside!

Secret #6-Cuddle The One You Love! Yes, cuddling is a secret beauty weapon! In recent years, studies have proven that cuddling releases oxytocin, known as the “feel good” hormone. It increases overall joy and happiness! Cuddling also releases a chemical called endorphins, which is normally released after a good workout (in the gym or in bed!), or after eating chocolate. Endorphins contribute to “that great feeling”. So now, you have a medical reason for getting close to that honeybear of yours. When you feel good, you look good!

Secret# 7-Be Happy! Winter Blues or Winter Wonderland? You choose! There are many beautiful, wondrous things about winter but, unfortunately, it’s only too easy to see only the stress, and not the beauty. Fortunately, there’s one simple thing you can do to be happy this winter: Enjoy yourself! That’s the magic winter formula. Enjoy good food and great friends. Play in the snow. Drink cocoa before bed. Make love with the bedroom windows open. Sing Christmas songs at the top of your lungs. Grab sushi with a friend. Whatever brings you unadulterated joy, then go at it with gusto! Nothing makes you happier than doing things and being around people that make you happy, spark your smile, lift your spirits, and boost your beauty!

Secret# 8-Cleanse Before Crashing! Picture the most lightweight foundation, lash-lengthening mascara, and super shiny lip gloss. Then add dirt, oil, pollutants, and germs. Now, imagine hitting the sack with all that on your face. Pretty gross, huh? Exactly! Going to bed without washing your face leads to blemishes, enlarged pores, pimples, and premature aging. And the extreme temperatures of winter makes gunk-ridden skin age even worse. No goddess of hotness should subject her face to that! Do yourself a favor; preserve your youth and winter beauty by washing away your day with a gentle cleanser and following up with a mild toner. (For stubborn makeup, try Pond’s Cool Classic Cold Cream, $9 at Target). To finish up your nightly routine, use a thick and rich cream specifically for night time. This helps your skin’s renewal process as you rest.

Secret #9-Eat Fresh & Fruity for Your Beauty! As easy and fantastic as the previous tips have been, they are only to enhance your beauty, not create it. Real beauty can not come from a bottle, but from what’s inside…more specifically, in what you eat. The most amazing beauty secret weapon you can have are fresh dark berries, water, and healthy oils and nuts. The antioxidants, healthy fats, proteins, and other nutrients from these superfoods provide strength for your hair, elasticity and hydration for your skin, bright, clear eyes, and a host of other beauty and health benefits. For the ultimate beauty treatment include in your diet olive oil, grapeseed oil, blueberries blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, almonds, walnuts, avocado and flaxseed. Don’t forget that water!

Secret# 10-Lights, Camera, Makeup! There is never a more festive and merry time of year than winter. It’s when you host and attend the most parties and festive events. Your hair is at it’s most elegant, and your makeup is at it’s most dramatic. Your secret winter weapon for makeup is to practice ahead of time, make it bold, and make it fun. Since smoky eyes and nude lips seem to be the look of choice during the colder seasons, try darker eye shadow with hints of diamond powder or sparkle infusions. This keeps your eyes from the threat of being gothic. Also, consider matching your blush color with your lip color and making them both natural and slightly pale. Following these simple tricks will help you become the most beautiful centerpiece this side of the North Pole!

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