Your Halloween Film Guide for This Year (2011)

Halloween is coming and last year I wrote a long list of Halloween films to watch. This year I’ve scoped out some that aren’t your usual (usual being like Dracula, Frankenstein, Friday the 13th, etc.) and here’s a list of them.

1. Nightbreed
Really got panned by critics when it came out but I being a Clive Barker fan enjoyed it. A man is convicted of murdering people and while running from the cops finds out that he comes from a line of creatures. It’s a creative picture and you have David Cronenberg in it what more can you ask for?

2. Curse of Frankenstein
Hammer films decided to dabble with the story of Frankenstein and surprisingly it’s really effective and a good horror film. Peter Cushing plays Victor Frankenstein while get this Christopher Lee is the monster. For fans of both actors you’ll love this picture.

Not a horror film but more of a great sci-fi picture that starred Sam Rockwell and was directed by David Bowie’s son. It’s a little chilling at times though so don’t take it too lightly just because it’s not a horror picture. I think that every marathon needs a good sci-fi picture so rent this one and 2001 Space Odyssey.

The Vampire
A 50s vampire film where a doctor accidently takes pills that turns him into a blood sucking creature. A little campy but it’s an interesting story.

5. Halloween II
This sequel of Halloween is actually pretty good and one of my personal favorites. Lori is in the hospital and Dr. Loomis is looking for Michael Myers. I always think that killers in hospitals are always freaky because you’re supposed to feel safe.

6. Rose Red
This TV film is very creepy and of course it comes from the mind of Stephen King. Almost like a mix between Shirley Jackson’s “The Haunting of Hill House” and King’s “The Shining.” I remember when this was first on ABC and watched it.

7. Return of the Living Dead
This is just a fun film to watch, has your zombies, teenage punks and a crematory. Not for everyone though of course but if you like the 80s comedy horror films then you’re in for a treat.

8. Curse of the Living Corpse
If you’re a Roy Schneider film then you must know that this is his first ever film he was in. It’s pretty much a great picture and the plot is quite gruesome, a millionaire dies and his family is being killed off by things that they are afraid of like the mother is afraid of fire and let’s just say it’s not pretty. It’s a 60s shocker film that still is effective to this day.

9. Stephen King’s Cats Eye
Maybe not the freakiest film but this anthology is still good; the first story with James Woods will have smokers cringe.

10. The Tingler
As a Vincent Price fan and a fan of William Castle films The Tingler is spine-chilling. Price
kills his wife and his patience saw it so he must keep her silence at all cost.

So grab some popcorn and sit tight to watch these ten films even if you’ve seen them a thousand times.

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