Yuengling Takes the Cake in Berks County and Beyond

Nestled in Berks County Pennsylvania, in an old coal-mining town called Pottsville, rest’s one of the most rapidly growing, un-talked about, breweries of a beverage so crisp your taste buds gladly indulge.

D.G. Yuengling and Son, respectfully named after their founder David G. Yuengling, has been a stowed away secret for residents of Pottsville and Reading since the company was founded in 1829.

But the secret has been released from its native lands over the years and their market continues to grow in mass numbers up and down the east coast. In fact, back in the early 1996 Yuengling had to make a decision to withdraw their product from outside their market. Not because there wasn’t a demand, they had plenty of that; they didn’t have near the space or capability to produce the amount that was needed.

Times have changed since then and Yuengling has added numerous new plants to help alleviate the demand, which is what allows them to be a major player in the industry.

In 2009, Yuengling surpassed 2 million barrels and those numbers have surely sky-rocketed in 2010.

Where I’m from, which is local to their plant, you don’t go into an establishment (bar) and ask for a Yuengling Lager, you simply say “let me get a lager”. If the bartender comes back with anything other than a Yuengling lager, it’s always followed by “what’s this” by the customer.

It really is a fine line of beer they produce. They offer everything from their traditional lager (also available in light), premium, porter, and their Black & Tan (for you dark beer lovers out there). So if you’re ever out and see a Yuengling Lager label, I highly recommend trying one for yourself.

These brews truly live up to the hype!

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