Can i lose weight being bulimic

Can i lose weight being bulimic

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Yes, but don’t do it. Thanks for texting ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Do you lose weight by being bulimic?
I hope you are not asking if you lose weight if you start throwing up your food. Answer for that… you are throwing up your food. Answer to the question I hope you are asking — Bulimia many times goes unnoticed by friends and family speci…
How do people lose weight by being bulimic?
Being bulimic means that after eating a meal or a snack, you throw up. Many people are bulimic. This is a very bad habit because your stomach acid that you throw up damages your mouth, teeth, and throat. Many people who are bulimic have rot…
Do you lose more weight being anorexic or bulimic??
Anorexic. Bulimics tend to be of normal weight because they have already absorbed most of the fat/protein/nutrients from the food before purging.

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how much weight do you lose a week while being bulimic?
Q: How much weight does a bulimic person lose a week?
A: it wont matter because once you start eating regularly again you will gain it all back and maybe even more because your body will be holding onto all the nutrients since it essentially did not eat for a week and you could of possibly put your body into starvation mode
whats the fastest way to lose weight without being anorexic or bulimic?
Q: i used to have a case of anorexic/bulimia and lost 40 pounds now i want to lose the rest how do i do it without going back to my old habits?(i have about 30 more pounds to go) Also i’m very lazy and don’t exorcise as much as i used to,should i start up again? what are some good exorcises
A: TONS and I mean TONS of greens, basically veggies AND some protein (try to avoid red meat protein). Lots of chicken! Get your fat (you need some fat in your diet to keep your innards lubricated.) from olive oil and a little butter every so often… NO BREADS OR WHITE FOOD! Eat a breakfast of fiber and end the day with fiber. Also eat five small meals a day of veggies, protein, fiber and a little fat. You have to move a little… excercise isn’t so horrible once you get in the swing. Do 20-25 mins on the tread at like 3.5 every night or every other night if you are eating properly. And don’t forget to lift and tone with weights every other day, so that you don’t loose solidness.Good Luck.
how long does it take to start losing weight by being bulimic?
Q: don’t lecture me, tell me the truth. well at least tell me the truth and then lecture long does it take to start losing weight by being bulimic?
A: The typical I-don’t-care-what-you-say-I’ll-do-it-anyway attitude. I had it too. Good times, good times.However, consider this: people won’t like you even more if you’re thin. Why?Because your teeth will be rotten, or you’ll be dead.

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