Can you answer my last question?(:

Can you answer my last question?(:

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button show times are 11:00am, 3:30, 7:00, 8:30, 10:30 at the Century Cinemas at Del Monte Center. [ Source: ]
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Hey GMan, Thanks for the great answer to my last question; I have…?
Nathan, dude,.. That’s too LONG of a story, but yes they were neighbors. Bud and Eric lived in LB. …
When you registered for your last event or webinar, did you have …?
I would put money on your answer being yes. Everyone always asks you questions. Depending on the event, planners could ask you anything from what you would like for dinner to how many employees does your company have. When you answer these …
One last Rev wright question.. will you answer it??
If you don’t discipline your child and speak out when they’re doing something dangerous, you’re a bad parent. If you don’t speak out against some the the policies and injustices in your country, you’re a bad citizen.

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why did Jamal choose A as his answer for the last question on Slumdog Millionaire?
Q: In the movie Slumdog Millionaire, all of Jamal’s answers relate to a part of his life. What was the reason then that he chose “A” as his answer for his last question?
A: Lakita’s voice gave him the strength he needed to answer the question. Even though it was a complete guess, her voice sort of made him realize that he always knew the answer. She was the third muskateer, and hearing her made him answer the question correctly.
Please someone answer my last posted question?
Q: I apologize. I typed a lot on that question, and am getting no answer. This is frustrating, and I am tired.
A: Link?
What was the last answer or question you saw that made you wish you could reach across the screen & punch them?
Q: Maybe to one of your own questions or to someone else’s. I don’t take this seriously but sometimes the people in the Politics section really do deserve to have their teeth knocked in. 😀
A: What was the last answer or question you saw that made you wish you could reach across the screen & punch?That just pisses me off!!*walks out the door angrily*

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