Can you work out your face muscles

Can you work out your face muscles

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There are exercises for your face that improve your forehead, eyes, mouth, cheeks, and chin. Which are you interested in? [ Source: ]
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Did you know that your face has 15 muscles that work together to …?
Like some people, though, you may avoid using these muscles because you are embarrassed by your smile. Let Centerville Family Dental give you a V.I.P. Smile to allow the real you to shine through.
Do you think facial exercises work…for tightening up the skin a…?
I do it. I think the same as you, that it sure couldn’t hurt. I flex the muscles in my neck and forehead, jaw, all along the hair line. I am 42 and people tell me I look much younger. They probably just feel sorry for me because they’ve s…
Can you get injury in facial muscle working out at the gym or out…?
The only way you can injure facial muscles is to physically drop a weight on your face at the gym. Outside, besides sun overexposure or a nasty run in with a gardening tool, there isn’t really a way to injure your face.

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Are there any exercises that work out your face lol?
Q: I’ve slimed down quite a bit, and now i just need to slim my face down a little. LOL! are there any exercises that work out your face muscles?
A: smiling works
Has anyone ever bought those tension springs you put in your mouth to exercise face muscles?
Q: I saw them advertised in magazines. They are like tiny thigh masters and as you squeeze you cheek muscles in and out the resistance supposedly tightens your face muscles- a non surgical face- lift so to speak. So who has one and does it work.? Fess up!
A: Buy a bag of toffees
If you work out with weights and build muscle on your body, will this also build the muscle on your face?
Q: I see a lot of bodybuilders who have great facial muscle tone just from working out their body. My guess is that the release of growth hormone from working out not only builds body muscle, but ALL muscle, including muscle in the face.
A: Only if you exercise your face by talking a lot. Just joking. I do not think that it is because of working out with weights. Someone who is a serious body builder keeps to a pretty strict diet with lots of protein to build up muscle and very low fat. The whole body, therefore, will have very little fat content including the face. This will result in the face having more definition as it will not be nearly as pudgy as the rest of ours are.

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