Do fat people stay warm more

Do fat people stay warm more

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Yes. Fat helps our bodies stay warm in cold weather; the more of it you have, the more of a “blanket” you have. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Why Do Fatter People Stay Warmer Than Skinny People??
Fat simply helps to insulate our bodies and retain heat.
Do fat people have difficulty wiping their arss, and therefore st…?
As socially uncouth and politically incorrect as your question is….. I would say that some surely do, but that would only be the case for the very obese. Some are unclean for other reasons(self esteem wears on some which makes bathing har…

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How can I stay warm? Does fat help keep people warm?
Q: I’m pretty thin (5’4 and 110) and I’m ALWAYS cold. People tell me it’s because I don’t have any fat to keep me warm. Is that really true? and also, how can I stay warmer during the day? I usually wear long underwear under my clothes but even that doesn’t help sometimes….I don’t want to wear a big coat all day….any ideas?
A: Yes fat helps keep you warm (a little) but I don’t recommend that method. Make sure you wear a hat when you go outside. A lot of heat is lost through the head, also make sure your socks are dry, even a little damp and you will feel colder. Make sure you don’t wrap up so much that you are sweating.
Do people with more body fat stay warmer?
A: Yeah but very little. Fat doesnt have blood running through it so its generally cold.Dont become fat just to keep warmGo get a jacket
I hear our bodies burn more fat trying to stay warm then cold..Is that true?
A: yes that is true.. heard it in college biology classyour shivery, your body trying to produce heat to keep you warm takes a lot of energythat’s why you shiverit’s a fact

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