How can I get longer leaner legs

How can I get longer leaner legs

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Playing sports is one way to get stronger, leaner legs. ChaCha [ Source: ]
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How do i get long lean legs?
Your legs are the length they are. If you aren’t done growing, you may gain some length but you can’t naturally force that to happen. Lean legs requires reducing body fat. Do cardio exercise for that (running is great…most runners are lea…
How to get lean and longer-looking legs?
believe it or not swimming makes you longer (something about the water and no gravity and the muscle exercrise)
How can i get long, lean, fit legs ( not muscly)?
Just workout and lose weight to make your legs more lean. Your legs wont be muscular unless you put time and effort into making them so, it wont happen by accident

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How can you achieve longer or leaner legs?
Q: I don’t intend to grow longer legs. I think as most people say 12 or 13 years of age is when you stop growing. I’m 14 now so all hope is lost. I think..Any home workout ideas that doesn’t require expensive equipment?
A: Stretch. =)Walk lots.I’m 6’0…. my legs are a metre long each (no joke…) and I walk at least 2km every day.Drink lots of milk… I used to HATE water, it didn’t have any taste. So I drink lots of milk.Eat your veggies! I know, they’re supposed to be yuck, but I LOVE broccoli and such… and they’re so good for you!Dancing is great fun, and helps too. =) Good luck… and trust me, you’ll keep growing… I’m only 15!All the best!
what can you eat to lose weight, grow bigger boobs and what can you do to get longer leaner legs?
A: Low fat, high fiber, vegetables and fruit diet. Drink lots and lots of water. A plastic surgeon. Walk, tread mill, elliptical glider, squats and lunges.
How can you make your legs longer/ leaner?
A: You can’t exactly make them longer.If you have legs with a lot of muscle, it will be hard to get them to slim down because the muscle will just turn to fat.If you have more jiggly legs, going for runs and jumping a lot will help make some muscle.

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