How can i get stronger lower abs

How can i get stronger lower abs

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Reverse crunches are great for abs! Lie on the floor and place hands on the floor or behind the head.Bring the knees to the chest. [ Source: ]
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How can you get strong lower abs
do bicycles do about 100 twice a day.
How do you work out your lower abs?
Instead of regular situps/crunches, try: ・ 1. partner situps: seesaw motion where you face each other while lying down, grasp hands and one sits … ・ 2. Leg raises (partner or individual) ・ 3. hold your legs out straight 6 inch above grou…
Can I still have strong lower abs while being a vegan??
Yes, go to the Vegan Fitness site, link below.

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I have weak lower abs and strong lower back, What is the best way to make my lower abs stronger?
Q: I broke my back about a year ago and my back is really strong but just my lower (not upper) abs are very weak.
A: Hi! I am not sure of the correct name but I used to have to do it in Karate, leg lifts. You lay down on your back hands under your back tighten the stomach and lift head up a little and lift your legs about 10 in. hold for 5 seconds and bring them down but do not let your feet touch the floor. Try about 50 a day work it up to 100 you will see the difference quickly. Good Luck
How can I get stronger lower abs? …Chest?
Q: I’ve got a few complexes on my body and build. My freind told me to work out. I’ve been doing with basics, I hear it’s the most stress free way. Sit ups, pushups, and dumbell curls, s’bout it. I’m doing pretty good, and I’m decently strong (Apparently more than I think…) but I don’t see any definate change in my chest or lower abs… What am I doing wrong? What can I do right here at home to see definate changes?But I’m not fat in the least… I’m skinny.
A: When I really want to target my lower abs, I use the workout below. All of the exercises really hit my lower abs, and together, make an excellent workout.Exercise Sets x Reps Hanging Leg/Knee Raise 3 x 15, 15, 15 Reverse Crunch 3 15, 15, 15Hip Raises 2 x To Failure If you need exercise descriptions, there are some at the link below.
I have a 6 pack but… i have fairly weak lower 2 abs and not sure how to get them stronger?
Q: I’m 16 i”m only 136 pounds i exercise a lot but i’m just not sure how to get my lower abs stronger there are visible, but i really dont care about that as much as i want them to be more like stiff so if you have any good exercises that can help me get them more stiff please share would be greatly appreciated. Some of the exercises i do is crunches, air bikes, and cable crunch. SO please share
A: hanging crunches will do it. the straighter you keep your legs while lifting them the better. you’ll definitely feel them burn if you pause at the top of the motion (in an L shape).

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