How can I make my legs smaller

How can I make my legs smaller

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Building muscle with strength training will tone your legs. Getting stronger muscles means leaner muscles that burn more calories [ Source: ]
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you should try swimming. swimming tones and leans your body. don’t do any weights, that’ll just bulk your muscles. also, in the meanwhile, you should put on self tanner. it makes your skin and body look slimmer and much healthier. =)
this cut back on leg workouts until you feel they are growing evenly. (Personally I’d just let them get huge)
Go walking regularly.

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How do make your legs smaller?
Q: What type of excersises will make your legs smaller? I’m not fat at all in my upper body, but my thighs and calves are really big. I inherited it from my dad because he has really big legs too. Another thing, is it a good thing to have big legs?
A: if you go running of do any athletic activity that involve using the legs alot then try them out! by running daily your legs will become toned and they will look great!good luckk! 🙂
How can i make my legs smaller?
Q: Ever since i played basketball, i’ve been gaining bigger muscles in my legs. I quit basketball after that, but not because of my legs…I started dance & running. Will dance and running make my legs bigger too?How can i make my legs smaller?Do pilates work?
A: well unless someone knows you and what body type you have can’t really answer that cuz some ppl just have fuller legs. one of my ex’s had big legs and butt there’s nothing she could do to be smaller. so as i told her if your fit & healthy it’s the way you are so be happy. love the way your made.
Can swimming and running make my legs look leaner and my tummy smaller?
Q: I’m 14 and I have really huge, muscular legs and a tummy too. I’m short and I end up looking muscular and stubby instead of athletic even though I’m an athlete. Does swimming and running make my legs smaller or will it build bigger muscles? Thanks!
A: Swimming is excellent exercise as it uses nearly every muscle in the body.If you are looking to lengthen your limbs, I would recommend pilates and yoga as part of your work-out routine. Although these don’t technically make your legs longer, they improve your posture and movement and can therefore make your limbs appear longer.Continue your cardio workouts, like running, too–the loss of body fat and toning of muscles will also help you appear longer and leaner.Hope this helps! Best of luck to you. 🙂

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